It’s Time… to LIVE the LIFE that you have always wanted and DESERVE!

I help people find HEALING for the mind, body and soul…to help them FREE up space to bring the GOOD stuff in!

Did you know

…  that Sam has created her own Oracle deck to help you with your intuition?  The Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance Deck was created by Sam, Inspired by Spirit and Illustrated by Canadian Award Winning Artist, Victoria Heryet! It had an earthy, Canadiana feel and is perfect for all levels of intuition!

As a Coach, a Mom of 5 and an Intuitive, I have picked up a few solutions along the way! Trust me, I have made the most of this Human Experience! I certainly did not take the easy road of life… but these solutions have helped me… and they can HELP  YOU!

Are you ready to find healing, peace, comfort/happiness?
…To Live YOUR Soul’s Purpose?
…To Release whatever it is that feels painful and restrictive?
…To Shift into the Life that YOU have always wanted?

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I am Looking for Coaching

I am ready to get solutions, strategy and support to shift out of this cocoon and fly away a butterfly!

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I would love some insight to my life and maybe even connect with a loved one in spirit!

I have No Idea what I Need

but I know that I need Something and I am ready to Heal! I would love to see what options there are!

Ready to Play with Your Intuition?

I love to give readings, but what I love even more is helping others grow their own connection with their higher self! Some believe that only the “special” or “gifted” ones are ble to access insight and wisdom…
it just is not true! YOU can TRUST your own INTUITION!

Maybe THIS is how we can ignite your intuition…

I am Looking for Insight

Join Sam Each Monday on Facebook for Monday Intuition! It is your opportunity to get a mini reading … for FREE! Just Trust your Gut and Choose A or B!

I Want to Play!

Please send me Sam’s Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance Deck! This Oracle deck with a Canadiana feel and grounding insight is sure to help me on my path!

I am Needing Community!

Join Sam and her tribe in the Intuition Inner Circle for Meditations, Psychic and Spiritual Development, Insight with her and guest teachers, a private group and more!

Meet Sam

As an International Psychic Medium, Coach and Teacher, Sam has helped thousands, just like YOU, to find peace, healing and develop a plan to move towards the life that they really want!

Sam has been celebrated for her ability to give insight and accuracy through readings and coaching for years…but what she really gets excited about is helping others to transform and find their own healing! Sam understands that she is just the co-pilot helping to give a variety of routes to her clients on this trip called life. Sam understands that YOU hold the magic, the wisdom and the ability to live the life of your dreams!”

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