I would like to think that for the most part, my intentions and my actions are paired nicely…however the reality is that when we are not paying attention, old habits can creep in.  As human beings, we can at times get wrapped up in the normalcy of our everyday life, and our intentions can become lost.  As human beings, our world is dense and we get caught up in the physical aspects of our existence.

Naturally we need to ensure that our physical needs are met, and so a dream job can quickly become a means to an end, and our boundaries become blurred.  We work too much, often for too little and what was once a passion becomes a Monday morning facebook post about how the weekend passed us by…it’s okay, you can smile….you know who is doing that…it may even be you.  A few years ago, I was sharing on a video about how I was in one of those human dense moods…I was busy around the house, enjoying time with my grandson, but denying my body the time it craved in nature in efforts to avoid the rain and November cold that I am trying so hard to pretend has not yet set in.

My dog kept coming up to me and nudging me towards the door.  I knew that she did not “need” to go out, so I pretended not to noticed…however, luckily for me, Rosie the dog is quite persistent.  I advised my husband that Rosie needed to go out and that I would be back soon.  Dreading the damp cold, I was slow to put on my shoes…however what happened when I went outside was refreshing and brought me out of the denseness that is earthly life to bring me in to a place of gratitude and awareness of what was around me.  Each step was like a step towards a hypnotic state where everything is beautiful and fresh.

One…”I have to walk the dog”…Two…”oh, isn’t that bird pretty!”…Three…”Isn’t it amazing how few leaves are left on the trees!”…Four…”How beautiful the way that the pine needles fall to cover the path…almost like a welcome carpet rolled out for our afternoon stroll”…Five…and so on.  After our walk, I was not thinking about the cold, I was thinking about the wonder of the seasons, about beginnings and ends and how ends are really the invitation for something new to come in to our lives.  I came back in to the house and let my husband know that I had been wrong…”Rosie did not need the walk….I needed it so she took me.”

That simple shift in perception was enough to change the rest of my day, and realign my actions with my intentions.  My intention for that day, and for most days to be honest, is to enjoy the simple gifts that life has to offer and to live in the moment.  Before our walk, I was trying to cram as much as I could in to the day.  I was trying to avoid the rain and cold.  I was not open to living my intentions.  How often does that happen in life?  I often hear my friends say that they are going to enjoy life more, work less, eat better, complain less…and through meeting their human needs, they work late and too much, thereby missing life more, eating less or in the other extreme too much, or at least less healthy nutrient rich food in favour for convenience and complaining more.

I do not judge or fault them, as I too have been in that race through the day, but what if we could slow down?  What if we could all live up to and act in a way that honoured our intentions?  How many less stress leaves from work; less incidence of preventable disease like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers; less incidents of cruel words said out of frustration, lack of sleep and hunger would there be?

There is an opportunity for growth in every situation…and what a gift that we are alive in this moment to be given such an opportunity to live!

So how do we ensure that our actions are matching our intentions?  Here are a few suggestions and of course I would love to hear from you if you have more!

  1. Be Reflective…yes, Self-Reflective…being reflective is not a matter of being critical in a cruel way, but rather embracing what is working, what is not working and what we could have done better.  This is the simple recipe for growth and ensuring that we evolve through the difficult situations that are placed in our path.  You can do this through thought, discussion, journaling, prayer or even art work.  Your ego plays no role in this process, self-reflection is done through a voice of kindness and goal of self-improvement.
  2. Breathe and Meditate…you are hearing this message over and over, yet many resist!  Meditation is a way of connecting with your higher self and receiving the answers of questions you have, many would argue the best way to achieve this.  Nothing happens without breath!  You get to choose how you breathe, but you will be breathing either way.  Have you noticed how your breath quickens during moments of anger, frustration and fear?  Did you know that you can change your responses to situations and how you look back on situations just through changing your breath?  So true!  Breathe in through your nose, slowly, pulling in all the way in so that your belly expands full of air and then slowly breathe out through your mouth.  It changes your physical responses, feelings and thoughts.  But, it can also slow your thinking down long enough that you can avoid reactions that you may later regret!
  3. Take “I have to” out of your vocabulary! Aside from eating, breathing and paying your bills (some of which you have chosen and do not actually need…), do you really “have” to do anything?  What if you instead said “I get to take my child to…”, “I get to make a meal for my family and pour my love into their nourishment”, “I get to go to my job where I make a difference in the lives of others and in return they enrich my life!”…Wow!  What a difference!  This also helps you to prioritize what is really important in your life.  There is no right or wrong answer…it is unique to you and it is based on what fills your heart and soul!  “Getting” to do something tells your mind that you are receiving a benefit and an exchange of energy, which feeds your soul!  “Having” to do something breeds responsibility and at times resentment.  It can be depleting because if it does not fulfill your basic need for survival that in takes energy with nothing given in return.
  4. Life is short!  Live each day as though it is your last! This morning YOU WOKE UP!  You have a beating heart and air filling your lungs!  You have been given more opportunities to live and love! This fills me with the excitement of knowing that today you have been given breath, you have been given an opportunity to learn, share and bring smiles and comfort to others.  As a Psychic-Medium, I cannot begin to tell you how many people come to me, seeking resolution and validation from loved ones that they have lost.  Loved ones that did not feel that they left this world saying what they needed to say.  Live each day as though it is your last!
  5. Do what makes your heart and soul sing! Are you in a job or career that you resent?  Do you live for Friday and dread Monday mornings?  Do you go to work feeling good and by the time you leave you are drained and feeling empty.  Are you filling the voids in your life with addictions or habits that you really do not benefit from?  What if I told you that you do not have to feel this way?  You can change your direction in this lifetime and should be doing what fills your cup!  We are all here to learn a lesson and to be of service to others.  In order to do that, we need to fill our well first.  You cannot help others and be fully effective if you have not first ensured that your needs have been met!  Jobs, relationships…they are all opportunities for lessons and for happiness!  Allow yourself to fill your time and energy with what lifts you!  You are worth it!

Actions and intentions…what do you do to ensure that yours are in alignment?

Much light and love,


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