How many times in your life have you felt as though you were all alone…the only one.  For me, as a “woo woo” girl in a conservative family and career, I can tell you that I felt this way many times!  I knew from an early age who I could share my experiences with Spirit, psychic premonitions and eclectic spiritual beliefs with and more importantly, I knew when to not speak of anything at all.

When I was 18 years old, I was blessed to meet Rev. Flo Edwards, Reverend of the Spiritualist Church in Paris, Ontario.  I had tagged along with my Mom and her friend for readings, as one of their friends had cancelled and there was an opening.  Rev. Edwards was booked months in advance and I knew little of what an experience I was in for.  Although I had been giving readings for 4 years by that point, I was a skeptic…and I was about to receive my first real reading with genuine messages.

I learned many things from Rev. Edwards over the next 3 or 4 years, but the most important was to build my Island.  She had warned me at that first meeting that to grow and flourish I needed thicker skin and to find others who understood.  Sure, my friends thought my Tarot cards were cool, and they loved to hear about if their new love interest would last, but it was not the same as having people who really understood the healing power of intuition and guidance.

As I moved in to a career in education and social work, I quickly learned that sharing my gifts would not only not be accepted in the workplace, and I would not be seen as an asset by highlighting my spiritual beliefs.  Of course there was the odd exception to the rule.  Friends that I would grow close to outside of work would often be interested, even if their beliefs did not coincide.  It was after I was told that I could never return to work due to a brain injury that my husband offered me the branch…the branch to climb on to and swing down, sharing my gifts with the world and in doing so, meeting some of my very best friends.

Again I was reminded in 2014, this time by Lisa Williams, to grow my community and get off my Island.  She challenged me to tell the next person who asked what I did…just say it…”I am a psychic medium.”  And that next person…it was the customs guard that I met on the way to LA.  I wish I could share a picture of his face…he waved me through, but there was no more eye contact after the “I talk to dead people.”  It was true, I needed to grow my Island, invite others aboard and swim over to theirs for a visit once in a while.  And it’s time for you to grow your Island, and these five tips will help you do it!

  1. Proudly say what it is you do and want to attract! This is not your career or job.  It’s your passion!  It is what ignites your soul and makes you an inspiration to others!  It is the gift that lives within your being waiting to be shared with the world!  “I am a psychic medium!  I talk to dead people!”  Whatever that is, shout it, make it your Facebook status, anything that shares who you really are with others!  By that alone, you will have others in your world who will say “Hey!  Me too!”  Let the universe know what you want and who you want to do it with!  We get what we put out there!
  2. Google the key words of your passion!I promise there will be forums, there will be groups, podcasts and there will be opportunities to connect!  And if I am wrong, and there really is no one out there like you…start the forum, start the group or Facebook page!  You will be the lighthouse that will calm the storm and build the bridge for others to find you!  These formats offer insight, opportunities to discuss and debate and learn so much from each other!
  3. Organize a get together! Remember, you are just starting out so the best way is to make it a group effort!  Everyone you know, knows at least 5-10 people that you don’t know.  So, who do you know that is in to that thing that you are in to, or is at least curious about it?  All you need is 2 people.  Ask them to also reach out to 2 people and then you have a group of 5.  Get together, get comfortable and then grow.  Before you know it, your network is growing and you have more people to share whatever it is you love and are passionate about!  Some people you will click with, others you won’t and it’s all good!
  4. Join a service club and volunteer!We are at our best when we are helping others.  It feels good, it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate our talents and there are tons of opportunities to learn new skills!  Usually you will meet once or twice a month, do good work for your community and beyond, enjoy fellowship and expand your horizons!  If you are not sure what is out there, your local chamber of commerce, city hall or community center may have some insight.
  5. Networking Groups!With Meet Ups at our finger tips and dozens of networking groups to choose from, you could be out every night of the week if you wanted to!  That might be a little much, but certainly choose which work for you and who best represents what you are looking for and go for it!  From business, to social, to religious, to spiritual (you notice, I have those two separate), to educational, to self-improvement, what better way to feel connected than by being in a room full of people also wanting to build connections!  At many of these occasions a meal is involved, and not many things bring people together like food!  Another thought…direct sales!  This is a great way to develop skills, meet new people and grow that Island socially and financially!

Are you ready?  Ready to grow that Island, meet others who can inspire you, learn from you and grow with you?  The only thing you need to attract them to you is yourself!  So here is my challenge to you!  Grow your tribe!  Choose a technique and try it out!  Then try another!  You are way too cool, unique and awesome to hide all of that light!  We can never have too many friends!

And remember, I am just a click away!

– Sam

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