For many people, time goes on, uninterrupted and they are left unaware of opportunities missed and the gift they receive each morning with the beating heart.  There are some who are living by biology alone…a beating heart crying to live.  I too, have lived life by the hours, and the structure of the work week…waiting for Friday.  I worked long hours and associated my identity with my career for years, unaware that I was a number waiting to be called.  I was one of the lucky ones…I was able to receive the lesson without the stopping mf my heart, for long anyway.  We die when we stop living, not when our body stops working.  Let that sink in for a moment and asked yourself…Are you ready to really start living?

It is so time to Be Present!   I know, you have probably heard that a thousand times, however mindfulness is still the easiest way to live and relieve stress in the mind and body, yet so many are too distracted to fully appreciate their life!  Your phone, tv, the news, video games, GOSSIP…they are all ways to keep you from the present moment.  They are an escape route from living your life!  For one week, keep track of how much you are using technology…no judgement, just curiosity.  As you become more aware, look around you.  Do you have a child or partner wanting your attention; do you have some work to finish up; maybe a walk with your dog?  Make a conscious choice to live, or not to.

Get Outside!  We spend hours and hours indoors…covered in light from bulbs, marinated in wifi signals and recycled air!  We are the 5 people closest to us, and so I expect that would extend to Mother Nature as well!  Bask in the sunlight, allowing it to lift your Spirit.  Feel the ground between your toes and really connect and sink in to the earth.  Feel and listen to the breeze that comes to greet you.  Touch the trees and the grass, building connection.  Allow your breath to flow in unison with the trees and plants around you.  So many are disconnected from the earth that we are born in to, and it is waiting for you!

Explore Your Purpose!  A majority of people in North America, and beyond, have no idea what their purpose is and some have never considered that they even have one.  For some, they see extraordinary talents as being outside of themselves, in untouchable people who are somehow better than themselves.  Here is the secret…YOU are the extraordinary one!  Everyone reading this and everyone that you know has gifts and talents that are unique to only them.  Explore what you do well, explore what makes you HAPPY and explore how you can bring that to the world and let it shine!

Be Curious About What is Making YOU Sick!  We live in a world where illness and being sick is an expectation.  Healthcare is among the biggest of budgets and among the biggest of money makers.  Ask yourself, when did that symptom appear?  What can I do to help the symptom decrease?  Is it the primary or root of what is really wrong, or a side effect from something else?  How are your stress levels and are you pulling the weed out by the root or just cutting it off and waiting for it to grow again?  When you are sick, you are not living to your potential.  You deserve to live to your potential!  Co-create with your body!  Co-create to live and to thrive, as you are designed to do!

Understand What Makes Your Soul Sing!  These are the things that allow you to sink in and really enjoy yourself.  For some it may be a certain place that feels like home or a talent that often does not find its way in to your busy schedule, or even you may not allow yourself to enjoy due to self-punishment or a belief around your worthiness of being happy.  I can promise you that no one was placed on this earth to suffer.  Create a list, a conscious choice of your favourite things, places, people and moments.  Start living that list!  Surround yourself with the people who appreciate you and that you laugh with.  Go to the places that allow you to unwind, connect and appreciate your life.  Do they things that make you feel young, appreciated and playful!

Did I just mention Play?  You bet I did!  Playing is directly connected with living!  Your senses are ignited, your curiosity is active and your body is full of movement and potential!  This human experience is all about waking up the mind, body and soul!  Play allows you to do all three at the same time!  You can be creative, play a game, invent something, cook, laugh!  Whatever helps you feel young again and expands the limits of possibility through play will have a direct positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical health!  Now, that is worth playing for!

Your life is happening.  The sand is falling through the glass and calling you to enjoy every moment of it!


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