As someone who has been sharing messages from Spirit and the Universe for over 25 years, I have been blessed to meet so many different people and help them through challenging times as well as celebrate their successes.  Some come back year after year and others just as needed.  On occasion, I have run in to situations where a reading is totally not what is needed.  The following is five scenarios where you do NOT need a reading and the solutions of what will help you instead!

  1. You are in the middle of a break up with your partner and you want to get a reading together to see if there is any “magic” left.  If you need to ask me if there is magic left…there probably is not any magic left, and if there is, you may not be able to see it because you are looking for an “out”.  Readings can be insightful, however there is such a thing as free will, and ultimately, you are going to do what you want to do or what is best for you.  Do you really need a psychic to validate it, or to be the scapegoat if you change your mind?  Here is what I suggest…first you could get a reading if you are open to whatever comes forward and do not give the psychic or medium the platform to jump from.  Here’s what I mean…”Hi!  My marriage is a mess and I really need a reading to see if I should leave”…that is a platform to jump from.  Instead, try “Hi!  I am curious about what is coming up for me!”  Or second, spend some time with your partner, getting to know each other again, if it is a safe situation, and getting to know yourself again to see if you are a good match.  Or, if you need a third party, see a coach or therapist that specializes in relationships.  If you do choose to have a reading, this is not the time to take your partner with you.  Go at separate times, or see separate psychics.
  2. You have just been given a terminal or serious diagnosis…Psychics are NOT doctors and should not diagnose. Some of us are incredible Medical Intuitives, and we can share information about the body and energy that we are picking up on.  However, what you learn from a psychic should never override a medical professional.  If you are questioning a medical professional, you should get the second opinion of a medical professional.  We are not (often) trained in the medical model.  We are giving you energetic and intuitive insight.  I like to explain it this way…would you do see your dentist when your brakes are shot on your car?  Dentists and mechanics both have diagnostic capabilities and both may or may not be in to cars…but only one can fix your brakes professionally.  Here is where an Intuitive can help…some do offer energy work and healing, and can help with identifying energetic blocks for you to work through.  They can also help you with the Spiritual connections to illness.  Coaches and psychotherapists can help you with the mindset around fear, around pain and around planning and regaining power in your situation.  If you would like to see a psychic, set the intention that you would like insight outside of the medical model and continue to work with a medical professional that you trust.  YOUR intuition is what matters most, and again, Psychics are not medical professionals.  It is important to not stop a medical treatment based on an Intuitive not picking up on an illness.
  3. You are in a closed and/or negative space…One of two things is going to happen…you are either going to energetically give your Psychic a difficult time getting clear information and energetically vomit on them, which is never nice…or you are just not going to be open to what they have to share with you. “Good”, and I mean good as in accurate and ethical, Psychics are going to give you exactly what they are getting.  If you are closed, they will have to shop at the 7/11 instead of the Whole Foods for your information…if you want a good reading, be in the space to be open for a good reading.  Here is what you can do instead…go for a walk, reconnect with nature, call a friend who feels comfortable calling you on your sh*t, watch a comedy, laugh, see a coach who can help you out of the muck so that you are ready to embrace some good stuff in your world.  You are the creator, the manifestor…your Psychic is just the messenger.
  4. You cannot financially afford a reading. Finances can get tough, and I totally acknowledge that when you have extra stress, like an account in the red, you feel even more compelled to find something in your future that you can look forward to.  Here’s the problem, on a soul level, neither you or your Psychic will feel good about a reading when there are hungry mouths at home.  And from an energetic perspective, you are telling your unconscious mind and the universe that someone else’s opinion of your life is more important than having your needs met.  Here are a couple of solutions to try instead.  Ask your Psychic if they are willing to do a trade.  (Notice that I said trade and not discounted or free…they are offering a valuable service and should not be dishonouring that to accommodate your situation.)  We all have valuable gifts and talents.  Offer to trade, and if the trade works as an energetic exchange, your Psychic can accept, and they also can totally decline.  That doesn’t make them unkind, as they have a business to run and need to honour their values as well.  You can also ask for a payment plan or set up a savings plan for yourself.  Put a little aside each week, month or birthday money until you have enough.  And finally, you can see if your psychic does home parties.  Many will give a discount for groups, so gather your friends and have a fun night out!  You will value what you pay for, whether in money or trade.
  5. If you just had a reading…but you want another reading! Maybe you loving the escape it offers, maybe you want to hear something else, maybe you are just lonely and are craving human contact from a caring soul that you connect with…whatever the reason, you DO NOT need a reading!!!  You need to figure out why you don’t trust your own intuition and why you want to so easily hand your power over.  Readings are fun, and they offer insight and guidance…they are not meant to replace your own internal guidance.  Also, from a Mediumship perspective, your loved ones are always with you.  Having a Medium bring them closer is a gift, one that I honour and respect, however it does not replace the connection that you already have.  Some Spiritual teachers and coaches offer amazing workshops, training and coaching to help you learn to trust your own intuition!

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