Have you ever felt the power of finding your voice?  Speaking your truth and leading from your heart?  Have you ever been inspired by other women who are doing exactly that?  Join in on our Soul Full Connection, as Sam and Shari exlore the power of voice, how to share your voice and the healing that can be found in the energy system!  

Sam Black is a Master Coach, International Psychic Medium and Teacher!  Sam has a passion for helping others learn about their own intuition, find the gems that they have inside and stand in their power!  With a background in social work, education and direct sales, Sam has many years experience helping to empower women and families to find healing, resilience and voice!  As an Energy Healer, Sam also teaches her clients about their energy and how to find healing in every day life!

Shari L. Riley is a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive Healer. For Shari, the journey toward really understanding her own Authentic Journey – her soul’s mission – began back in 2000 when, as a trained life coach, she started inspiring women to live their dreams.  By 2006 she had received her Certification in Integrated Energy Therapy and began to truly explore and embrace her identity as a healer. Shari has continued to train and expand her innate intuition to create her own technique of healing. By identifying the age at which a client’s particular emotional block manifested, she opens a door that allows healing and a deep understanding of that which keeps one from embracing or releasing elements of her life.

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