Join Sam Black and her special guest, Laura Canal as they explore the science and the magic of feet and reflexology!  This ancient form of healing is brought in to the present, connecting all of the organs of the to the souls of your feet!  Learn how the different points tell a story of what is happening in the body, the mind and the soul and listen in to the stories shared by Sam and Laura!

Sam Black is a Master Coach, Healer, Teacher and International Pychic Medium.  As an advocate of holistic healing, the power of exploring the mind, body and spirit and story telling, Sam travels the world teaching others how to find their voice and intuition!  With a passion for helping others find the gems that they have inside and helping them to shine their light to the world, Sam finds joy in helping others shine!

Laura Canal is the founder of Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions located in The Spiritual Spa.  In the summertime, she facilitates, Under the Oak Tree Meditations.  She is a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Astor-Numerologist and Psychic-Medium.  Over the years she has acquired many tools that she also includes in her sessions, Smudging and Vibroacoustics (Tuning Forks).  Laura’s philosophy is to live authentically; following the passionate truth.  Feet planted firmly on the ground, centered in the heart and emanating *Love* to All.  

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