Join Sam Black and her special guest, Shirley Felder as they explore how the Universe unfolds, bringing forward the right people, the right events and the right motivations in to our lives…evern when we are unable to see the light unforlding at the time!  Learn how you too can find Ordinary Greatness in your every day and how you can be more aware of the messages and gifts coming forward for you!

Sam Black is a Master Coach, Teacher, Speaker and International Psychic Medium!  Travelling the world, teaching others how to shine their light and listen to their intuition, Sam is passionate about highlighting the gifts of others to the world and reminding them that their unique light and gifts bring purpose and meaning to life!

Shirley Felder is the visionary of Ordinary Greatness and has the most incredible gift of taking what some might consider “garbage” and turning it in to treasure!  Those who know and love her, know that Shirley is “not just talkin’ trash”, she is heart, wisdom and a has a amazing ability to capture the stories of the beautiful people that she meets and bring their messages to life!  As a coach, mentor and speaker, Shirley travels the world inspiring others and helps the ordinary feel extrordinary!  

Join Sam and Shirley this summer at Lily Dale Assembly for a workshop you won’t forget!

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