Are you looking for clarity and insight?  Are you exploring some new ideas and want some intuitive guidance?  Sam and Erin will be answering the questions that you want answered!  Callers are welcome to call in with one question and Sam and Erin will both offer insight!  Callers will be chosen randomly.

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium, Master Coach and Trainer.  She travels the world teaching others about how to trust their own intuition and connecting the mind, body and soul!  Sam has a passion for helping others find the gems that they have inside and shine them to the world!  Sam lives in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Erin Prewitt offers intuitive readings, reiki, past life regression and meditation to her clients to help them unlock their greatest potential and sweetest dreams!  Through workshops, retreats and one on one services, Erin helps her clients allow their souls to take flight!  Erin lives in Ventura, California.

Sam and Erin will also be offering their “Healing Through Time: Using Past Life Regression to Unleash Your Intuition and More!” workshop at Lily Dale Assembly on August 29, 2019!  Registration opening soon!

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