Have you been exposed to PTSD?  Maybe personally or someone that you love?  It is more common than you might think!  And there are some solutions to help!  Join Sam Black and her special guest, Karen Hourtovenko, as they discuss what PTSD is, and some solutions that can help!  

Sam Black is a Master Coach and Trainer, International Psychic Medium and Speaker.  Sam has a passion for helping others find the gems that they have inside to promote healing and help others embrace the light that they have inside so that they can shine to the world!  With a background in Social Work and Education, Sam brings forward many tools and experience to help her clients see a variety of opportunities so that they can move from life’s challenges to success!  Combinging strategy with intuition, Sam offers a unuque approach to coaching and healing!

Karen Hourtovenko is a Life-Business Coach, Registered Psychotherapist And Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Trainer of Neuro-linguistic- Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner and Hypnotherapy, and Master Life Coach/Executive Coach,  with over 30 years’ experience in healthcare, business management, coaching and counselling. She holds a BScN, MBA and Psy.D (psychology).  Karen works with all levels to change thinking patterns to create desired goals and altering lifestyles to support success, emotional and physical health and life balance and lecturing and writes in the area of mental chemistry, how thoughts create outcomes, business and management success and controllable health outcomes with lifestyle changes, Karen will enlighten you on how to take personal charge of life and eliminate paradigms holding you back and create successes in all areas of life.

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