Have you ever felt as though your options were limited?  That you are so heavy with emotions weighing you down?  Life brings with it adventures, challenges and rewards!  Join Sam Black and her special guest, Sharon Byrne Morris, as they explore healing from the ground up; healing the wounded child in the adult soul!

Sam Black is a Master Coach, Teacher, Speaker and International Psychic Medium.  Healing and creating opportunities is a focus in all of Sam’s work and she loves to share the understanding that anything is possible!  Sam has a passion for helping others find the gems that they have inside and help them to shine to the world! Sam is blessed to work with clients around the world, helping them to heal, gain insight and create the life that brings them abundance, opportunities and love!

Sharon is an Experiential Consciousness Coach and Life Coach committed to healing people so they can live free from suffering, helping them achieve their desires.   Her message is simple, we need to love.   Sharon guides people to resolve past hurts and explore hidden feelings that they have been avoiding by helping them experience their emotions. Whatever you will then connect with most deeply inside of you, you will find, has been running your life.  Through this process, you may have access to healing and creating a new way of being. 

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