Join Sam Black and her special guest, Tania Antonia, as they explore trauma, resilience and solutions to help you get through the difficult times of this human experience.

Sam Black is a Master Coach, Teacher, Speaker and International Psychic Medium, with a passion for helping others find the gems that they have inside to shine to the world!  Sam incorporates healing and coaching in to all that she does, teaching others how to release trauma and move toward their goals and dreams.  As a front line worker, Sam worked with hundreds of families, helping them through the most difficult traumatic experiences, and helping them envision a future filled with life and love.

There is no question that joy stems from within and is born from the light found in the depths of our souls. Tania Joy Antonio has created and curated a beautiful education platform like no other for children and their parents to unleash their inner power of the mind. Through practice and introspection, mindfulness can be learned at an early age, and has been a tool used to enhance overall wellbeing for centuries.  Tania inspires positive change. She’s an ambassador for pioneering positivity in a world that seeks purity. As a children’s book author, she contributes to children’s mental, emotional and spiritual health, and often uses essential oils and aromatherapy to to help tap into energetic centres that will ignite and shine light on our paths ahead.

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