In North America, death is not often a conversation that happens with comfort of celebration, however with the rise of Death Doulas, the lines of communication are opening.  As Maggie says, death is not always easy to talk about and it does not always have to be about sadness.  We will explore some was to celebrate life, share stories and memories and create a legacy.  Callers are welcome for this episode!

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium, Master Coach and Teacher and has been connecting with Spirit since early childhood.  Often, clients seek a reading with Sam to finish what was left unsaid, to know that their loved ones are “okay” on the other side and to seek validation that their wishes were honoured.  Sam teaches others about trusting their own intuition and giving value to the gifts that they have inside.  Having had her own near death experience, Sam bringsinsight, guidance and inspiration to those in healing, grief and transition.

Maggie Morris is a Certified Death Doula and the owner of Whispers of Wisdom.  Maggie began as a Hospice Volunteer in 2014, and following the passing of her Mom, she began her journey to help others with their own journey.  Maggie is a non-medical support person trained to care for the dying and their families in a holistic approach from diagnosis to end of life and has a passion for helping others understand that although dying is often sad, it can also be beautiful.  Maggie encompasses her ability to provide empathetic understanding, coaching and support to her clients, offering them a voice and dignity.

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