The second quarter of 2019 is here and the energy is changing! We have survive the Mercury Retrograde and are ready for the release and new beginnings coming with this New Moon in Aries! Join Sam and Roberta as they reflect, share some rituals and energy happenings!

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium, Master Coach and Teacher with a passion for helping others transition from limiting beleifs and pain to rebirth and celebration of your gifts!  Sam loves to share readings and messages from Spirit and really loves to teach others how to trust their own intuition and listen to the voice of their higher self.  If you are looking to transition in your life to a place of abundance and honouring your path, join Sam for her Consciously Creating Your Life course, starting April 15th!

Roberta Robbins is the creator of the Sacred Medicine Path and weaves her medicine to help others on their path.  She is the Creatrix and Host of Sacred Wisdom Retreats, where she takes others on a journey to sacred sites and within to find healing and a sacred way of life.  As a teacher and facilitator of Sacred teachings and rituals, Roberta works with her clients in person and online.

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