We are about to get intimate…really look deep and be raw and honest…about relationships!  Join Sam Black and Shirley Felder as they share insight, stories and strategies for best learning the lessons and utilizing relationships for intimacy, growth, learning and reciprocity.  Relationships come and go in our lives, and some come back again!  

Sam Black is a Master Coach, Speaker, Teacher and International Psychic Medium.  Sam is the creator of Consciously Creating, which includes strategies for life and for women in business through workshops, masterminds and community!  With a background in Social Work and Education, Sam loves to explore the systems within relationships and the resiliency and healing that we can find when exploring them!  Sam has a passion for helping others find the gems inside and allow their light to shine to the world!

Shirley Felder is the CEO of Ordinary Greatness, a coaching and inspirational platform for helping transformation take form for healing and success!  Shirley is “not just talkin trash”, she is creating a movement of shifting that “stinkin thinking” to gold!  

Join Sam and Shirley at Lily Dale Assembly on August 28, 2019!  

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