Are you wondering what is coming up for you?  Are you looking for guidance or insight regarding a situation or relationship?  Join International Psychic Medium, Sam Black and Intuitive Coach and Speaker, Erin Prewitt as they offer readings and insight on Soul Full Connections!  Callers will be selected randomly for one question intuitive readings!

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium, Master Coach, teacher and motivational speaker with a passion for helping others learn how to trust their own intuition and discover the gems that they have inside to shine them to the world!  Sam has helped hundreds of peopel through transitions and to find healing!  Sam is also the creator of Consciously Creating, online programs and journeys for women and women in business!

Erin Prewitt is the Founder and Owner of Bent Wings Incorporated, where she is a coach, mentor, speaker and catalyst for helping others intuitively understand themselves and their journey!  Erin offers coaching, intuitive readings and workshops designed to help others with their spiritual and intuitive growth!

Sam and Erin will be offering Healing Through Time: Using Past Life Regression to Unleash Your Intuition, a full day workshop, at Lily Dale Assembly on August 29th!

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