Join Sam as she shares her story of introduction to Lily Dale, some of the highlights and why you should visit there this summer!  Celebrating it’s 140th Birthday this year, Lily Dale Assembly is home to Spiritualists, free thinkers and those looking for a closer connection to Spirit, nature and their higherselves!  With something for everyone, this is a destination to move to the top of your summer plans list!

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium, Master Coach and teacher with a passion for helping her students learn how to trust their intuition and gain confidence and find healing along their journey!  Sam has been connecting with Spirit for as long as she can remember, and has been giving readings since the age of 14.  It was following an accident in 2013 that Sam’s life would change forever and she began her Spiritual and Coaching practice full time.  Join Sam each Monday for “Intuition Monday” on her facebook page  or connect to join one of her workshops or online courses!

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