Sam Black

With a background in Social Work, Child Welfare, Education and Direct Sales, Sam has extensive experience in not only seeing the best in others, but in assisting them in using their assets to achieve optimal success.  As a lifelong learner, Sam embraces new training opportunities and incorporates them in to her practice.

Sam is a Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Intuitive.  As a coach, Sam has a passion for helping others find the gems hidden inside and help them shine to the world!  She operates from a Systems Theory and the belief that everyone has everything they need inside and only need the environment and tour guide to help each individual to get where they need to go!  Sam has an understanding that healing happens when the mind, body and soul all come together, and her practices and services support her clients in a holistic way.  She has had the honor of studying with world renowned teachers such as, Psychic-Medium, Lisa Williams, Energy Healer, Deborah King and Dr. Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression Therapy.

Sam has certifications in Neurolinguistics Programming, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy™, Emotional Freedom Technique™, PSYCH K™, Lifeforce Energy Healing™, Past Life Regression and is a Certified Psychic-Medium and Spiritual Advisor with the LWISSD! 

Sam has a dedication to self-improvement and learning, and this allows these many facets to be of benefit to her clients and students.

In early 2013, Sam was a passenger in a car that was hit by an impaired driver, and from that moment her life changed forever. Suffering from several injuries, including a brain injury, Sam was unable to return to a career that she loved very much.  Through years of healing, reflection and support, Sam was able to focus on the gifts that she still had to offer the world, and through this transition, is now helping others around the world in their healing journey.