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Coaching Solutions

Through exploring Life Transitions, Relationships and Trauma, we can see how roadblocks and struggles come up in everyday life and prevent us from getting where we need to go!  Where there is a problem or pain point in life, there are also solutions….and that is where I can help!  As both a Master Coach and an NLP Coach Practitioner, I have and continue to build on the tools that I have to offer my clients.  There is no one size fits all approach in the coaching that I offer!  You are unique, and my commitment is to offer solutions as custom as required to help you get where you want to go!  Here are a few of the tools that I have in my back pocket to help you get there!

Coaching solutions services start at $100. Contact Sam for more information and book your appointment today.

Neurolinguistic Programming

This is where we use language to help motivate you towards what you really want and to help you to re-examine word patterns that you are using and ensure that your goals are positive and achievable!  One of the most important relationships that you will ever have is that one you have with your brain!  Yes!  Your brain!  Both your conscious and your unconscious play a role in how you think, feel and behave…and NLP is one way that we can ensure that you are consciously creating the life that you want!

Time Line Therapy®

Time Line Therapy® is a process that allows us to learn from the unconscious mind about beliefs and events that have been holding us back, and allow us to let go of the emotions from the events in order to achieve the higher learning from the event.  This is a process created by Tad James, who is also a world leader in NLP training.  I encourage most of my clients to experience Time Line Therapy®, because once you are able to see an event from a higher perspective, you remove the quicksand keeping you in that story, and that is where the magic happens for you to be able to get moving to where you want to be in life!


Unlock the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back!  Developed by Rob Williams and endorsed by Bruce Lipton, Psych K® offers huge benefits in a short amount of time.  Working with your subconscious we will explore and repair roadblocks in your life!

Sam has a passion for helping others and facilitating healing so that her clients obtain holistic wellness and resolution.

Parts Integration

Parts Integration is an NLP technique, used to help you find resolution in conflicting beliefs.  You can imagine that if you want something in your life, and have a belief that is the complete opposite how difficult it would be to achieve that goal!  Here is an example…you have a goal to pick up a part time job to help your family or to save for a vacation…however, you believe unconsciously that it is wrong to not have one parent in the home to be the caregiver…can you see how those two ideas do not support each other?  How about this one…you want to find a partner that is caring and supportive and healthy…however you do not believe that you are deserving of love.  We see these contradictions often, and here is why:  A majority of your beliefs, of which you have thousands and thousands, were actually created before your mid-twenties…created by the caregivers and adults around you and by your experiences…of which as a child, would have often been generalized.  Fast forward to adulthood…your brain is fully developed now and you believe that you are consciously making your decisions…or are you?  Parts Integration is an easy way to come to compromise with your highest and best in mind!

Premarital Coaching

Begin the most important partnership of your life by releasing any old limiting beliefs, fears and tensions so that they do not “pop up” and create conflict in your marriage.  Sam works with couples to help them identify their values, beliefs and goals so that they are committed to working together towards their future, rather than in conflict, competition or isolation going forward!

“I highly recommend Sam as an incredible coach and teacher. Sam has a wonderful insight and uses her intuition to meet you where you are, ask the challenging questions and help you move to where you want to be.
I’ve had the opportunity to experience a breakthrough with Sam as my coach and it was amazing!! Smooth and effortless!! I have also taken one of her courses and love how interactive and dynamic it was! I can’t wait for the next one!!”

Lynne Raven Fahey

Your Leadership Development Expert

“Sam is a god send. She has a special gift to help effectively sort through life’s challenges. I sincerely would not recommend anyone else.”

Juliellen Sampara

“Sam helped to clarify important spiritual aspects relevant to my life’s calling. I was very satisfied with the truth and it was very helpful.”

Kalika Moody

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