Consciously Creating YOUR 2021 Online Summit!

It's time to shift the energy to a frequency that supports the life that you ARE READY to LIVE!
January 6, 7 & 8th
Free to Attend...Priceless in Value

We have all been through life changing and eye-opening experiences in 2020! There have been losses...isolation...a review of values and needs...

We have all lived through a year of Awakening! It is Time to Shine! It is Time to Create the Life that we were meant to Live! The Life that we Want...The Life that we Need! The Life of our Destiny! We know that the Universal Energy is Shifting. We know that there is abundance available. We know that there is more out there than what we have been accessing!

It is Time to...

Create a path in 2021 and beyond that encourages success in every area of your life!

~ Guilt FREE
~ Barrier FREE
~ Expectation FREE
~ Full of FREEDOM
Remember who YOU really are and Wake Her Up!

Join Us for the Consciously Creating YOUR 2021!
The more the merrier! Invite Your Friends!
This Priceless Event includes...

Interviews with 9 Inspiring Women

A LIVE Master Class and Meditation with Sam Black, Master Coach and International Psychic Medium


Printables, Prizes and More!


So…Are You Ready???

Maybe You Are...

Whatever it is....Why it is...We are Here FOR YOU and WITH YOU!

Meet Your Host

Sam Black is a Master Coach and International Psychic Medium.  She has a passion for helping others find the gems that they have inside and helping them to shine!  Sam has a background in Social Work and Education and in 2013 her whole world would change forever!  Sam was hit by an impaired driver, sustaining multiple injuries, including a brain injury.  She was told that she would never work again…that she was destined to live her life in darkness…but that was not a future that Sam survived to live!  Through months and years of healing, growing and shifting, Sam created a life that welcomed LIFE, helping others and shining the gifts that she had to offer the world!  With a true love of seeing what others have to offer, Sam dedicates her life to helping others through transitions, struggles and to learn to trust their own intuition!  Sam has helped thousands of women shift the energy in their own lives and she is honoured to guide you through this online summit experience!

Meet Your Speakers


Laura Canal is a Certified Reflexologist, Astr0-Numerologist, Healer, Intuitive Medium and so much more!  Laura has a natural curiosity, sense of humour and sees life as a journey! The earliest childhood memory that Laura has is when she was sitting on her bed, looking out the window up at the sky, the stars were so bright and she asked “why am I here? What is my purpose?” The answer that Laura received was “Dear Child, You are on a great quest!”  Like many of you, Laura felt different from others, separate from others, never fitting in or feeling like she belonged on earth.  Laura discovered that she was an empath, and how depleted she felt when she was around others and their energy, until she began to listen to what her soul needed her to do. When she realized the importance of grounding, releasing, and protecting her energy, her intuition and healing opened up. The changes were paramount and life began to open up in mystical, magical ways.  We are blessed to have Laura as one of the Sacred teachers in Sam’s Intuition Inner Circle!

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Shelly Criswell knows what it means to create a side hustle while working a full-time job and raising a family. That’s exactly what she did 2 years ago when she created a Virtual Assistant business while working as a Medical Technologist. Since then she has learned she has a passion for tech, systems, and automations and for showing others how to conquer their fear of tech as small business owners.




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Jolie is the founder and creative visionary behind Simply Inspired Coaching and Facilitation. She is a sought after speaker, coach and facilitator who is passionate about assisting people to shine brightly, live with intention and create businesses that work. Her balanced approach includes mindfulness, mindset and the ability to ask the hard questions that help get you on the track to success. Jolie also has a passion for play and brings it into her interactions and trainings.  Jolie began her journey as an entrepreneur as a store owner and operator at a young age and has continued in the path of helping people get what they need out of life in her careers in communications and coaching.  Born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, Jolie understands the value of community and networking and can often be found helping others to meet new people and gain new skills. 


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Shirley Felder, a 27-year serial entrepreneur and CEO of Ordinary Greatness. She is a certified life coach and an inspirational speaker as well as a 28-year professional network marketer.  Shirley has spent  24 years of her life literally sorting through people’s trash as CEO of a sanitation and recycling company that has done over $60 million in gross revenue and covered two states. The last 6 years her life’s mission has been helping women sort through the trash, also known as blockers, or as she refers to it “stinkin thinkin in their lives. She has learned to take her lessons learned to reduce stress, avoid breakdowns, and increase personal wealth while improving personal health.

Shirley uses humor and life experiences to deliver authentic messages to motivate and inspire people to love themselves and treat others with respect. She uses a one of a kind no non-sense approach which makes her an authentic and effective leader. 

She stays focused on promoting her personal development series, “Talking Trash,” and her trademark workshops. Her candid and fresh perspective provides her audience with a dose of reality and honesty as she “tells it like it is” and makes no apologies.  

Through overcoming adversity and losses starting at age 12 she understands the variety of struggles everyone faces, she knows that if she can do it, then anyone can and she shares her survival plan with those who need it. Her tag line sums it all up “shes not just talking trash”.


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Nicole is a Colorado native and an outdoor enthusiast. A retired firefighter/paramedic, Heritage Acres Market and her family are now her main focus. When not working the farm, she enjoys creating new content for the blog and recording new episodes of the Backyard Bounty podcast.

Nicole is also a certified Colorado Master Gardener, chicken enthusiast, and Master Beekeeper.

Nicole enjoys working the farm and sharing her expertise – she runs the Blog full of useful farming tips. Here you will learn what has worked for us in the past, what hasn’t and which products have made life easier. 

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Jasmine Gonzalez has a passion for helping other moms and their precious gems. As a Natural Parenting Coach, Jasmine has a way of bringing genuine playfulness and fun into her work and helps others to see how to bring out their own unique gifts.  She is able to utilize her experiences with typical and not so typical parenting experience to support the families she works with.  Jasmine is not only navigating the co-parenting world, she is also the mom of a son diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder.  “Jaz” has been a role model and example for bringing creativity and individuality into parenting and coaching solutions while honoring families and clients for where they are at while seeing all that is possible for their futures!  Jasmine has a Bachelor’s degree in applied Behavioral Sciences, an Associates Degree in Early Childhood birth through second, is currently a Level One Reiki Healer, and has a background in Crystal Healing and Holistic remedies.
IG: @naturalparentingcoachjasmine 
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Sheina Hemstreet is an Original Artist and Intuitive Guide with a background in Coaching and Guiding others to raise their own personal vibration. Sheina is the creator of the HIGHVIBE Art Oracle deck, a 30 card deck designed to inspire your intuition and hone your relationship with Source.  Sheina has a passion for helping all levels of intuition development to trust their intuitive selves and live at a Highvibe!  Sheina lives in Manitoulin Island and serves clients and collectors across Canada. 


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Tara Lea is the Owner of Thrive, Mind Body Soul in Niagara Falls, Ontario and is an Inspirational Coach that brings abundance and magnificence to the table for everyone that she works with!  As a child Tara had gifts, talents, and abilities that she didn’t understand, and it scared her. Tara is somewhat of a Spiritual Rockstar. Lol (we all are) However, for quite some time, She FORGOT that. It was when she felt she had lost almost everything and found herself on the bathroom floor, that her real journey into the spiritual world began. Tara truly believes that the greatest gifts that life has to offer us are available to be experienced when we create the possibility of allowing ourselves to face our fears through a divine intervention. Tara’s life experiences have guided her to become the woman that she believes that she is destined to be. With a background in Homeopathy, Meditation, Coaching and Business, Tara brings a wealth of experience and insight!  By working with Tara, you will be so amazed at how quickly you can change your life!  Together, let’s evolve, heal, and explore the infinite potential that exists.

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Inga Liljestrum uses her love of music, intuition and healing to help others raise and balance their frequency through Sound Healing for both groups and individuals.  Inga is a fully qualified sound practitioner/ healer for 1:1 and group work, having receiving certification from the Sound Healing Academy and has attended gong, Tarot, Biofield and Reiki workshops and certifications.  Inga studied contemporary music majoring in voice, receiving a B.A. with Honours, and she is currently completing a PhD in Music. She is an award-winning composer, and has recorded and performed with many artists, and has toured her own music internationally.  She brings all of these facets together in what she does now, creating her own version of sound/ music with meditation. Inga’s interests lie in the transformative effect of sound and voice on the body, soul, mind and spirit, and the exciting way in which this ancient healing modality is being recognised now in Science and medicine.


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Roberta Robbins is a compassionate Sacred Medicine Weaver, Sacred Soul Coach and Mentor, Healer & Sacred Space Holder. She creatrix and facilitator of The School of the Sacred Medicine Path, Sacred Wisdom Circles, Workshops and Sacred Soul Journeys & Retreats. She is passionate about creating soul nurturing and magical experiences for others to REMEMBER ~ RECLAIM ~ EMBODY their own Infinite Soul Love, Truth and Wisdom.
Roberta’s mission is to inspire, support and guide others to know their sacredness, to live a magical life and to embody their soul power and wisdom.
Roberta currently offers private Sacred Soul coaching, mentoring and healing sessions, along with ongoing Soul Growth Workshops, Soul Journey Gatherings and her ‘Sacred Soul Weaver’ Members Portal. 
Roberta has been in the Spiritual, Health and Holistic field for the past 25 years. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Director, Healer, Channeler, Numerologist, Intuitive Astrologer, and Reiki Master… along with many other spiritual healing modalities and Sacred Wisdom Teachings.


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 January 6, 7, 8 (24 hour access until January 10, 2021)


You will receive access to your own online portal to access all of the content!  A zoom link will be provided to you for the Live Q&A and Master Class with Sam Black. 


You will have access to a private virtual meeting space to connect with and share your experiences and “aha” moments!


Each day a draw will be held LIVE on facebook and a winner (or maybe even a few winners…) will be announced!  The winner will also be announced by email each day!  These prizes vary from $50 to $2000 in value!)


If you would like a download copy of all interviews and materials, consider purchasing the All Access Pass on the registration page!  Be sure to let us know who invited you!

Here is what makes us different...

We are REAL Women, who have been through REAL Stuff
This means that we have real strategies that you can implement into your life right away!
And, I really…I mean REALLY….LOVE to see others SUCEED!  You are the mothers/sisters/elders of our planet!  Your success is our world’s success!  You have the capacity to raise the vibration of everything that you touch!
My goal…inspiration…desire…is to have every single one of you leave this summit with validation that you are important…that you have an inner fire that burns bright…that you understand that you are part of something so much bigger that you ever knew…and that you are the light that inspires others!
THIS is the EVENT to KICK OFF YOUR 2021!!!

It is Time to...

Learn strategies that will increase your energy, frequency, passions and excitement!

Remember who you really are at a Soul Level and break down any limitations that have been holding you back!

Get excited about your future and what you have to offer!

Recognize your personal magic!

Live the Life of YOUR Dreams!

Join Us in the Consciously Creating YOUR 2021 Online Summit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all!  Although it may speak more to women, everyone 18+ is welcome!  There will be wisdom shared that can help everyone!

Officially on January 6th…however you can jump on in the private group as soon as you sign up!

We have a full panel for 2021, however you are welcome to submit your application for 2022 until Oct. 1, 2021!  Please send an email to with SUMMIT 2022 Speaker Application in the subject line.  You will want to include a short bio, a headshot and up to 500 word description of what you have to share!

There sure will be!

No problem!  Feel free to connect with me at and someone will get back to you within 2 business days!  (Excluding Dec. 24-27 and Dec. 31-Jan. 2 for holidays)

The interviews with guests will be pre-recorded and the Master Class, Meditation and Q&A will all be live on zoom!

LOL It’s 2021!  And virtual!  Come in your jammies…your favourite sweats…jeans and a cute top…ball gown and tiara…whatever makes your heart happy!  The world has been forever changed in the fashion industry!  There has never before been a better opportunity to let your true self shine!

They will each be 30-45 minutes in length.

All of the speaker information will be available with their interview!  Remember, the best way to say “Thank you” is to leave a review on thier page so others can see how you have been inspired!

Yes, each of the speakers will receive a list of attendees.  This helps them to identify any incoming emails so that they do not go to their “spam” and it provides you with access to what they have to offer.  You are always welcome to unsubscribe if the content does not speak to you!


“Where do I begin?!  I’ve been working with Sam for a few years now and my life has never been the same. Her readings and yearly forecasts for business and personal are always right on point. I am also working with Sam to heighten my own intuition and I full-heartedly trust her as she guides myself and others through seeing how and what intuition may look like. My personal growth has been amazing because of Sam and her guidance. I also like that during coaching Sam teaches us to hear and feel our own intuition not just rely on the messages she has for us.”
– Jasmine

“I have known Sam Black as a healer, medium and life coach. She has been a very influential person in my life and has taught me many things about myself. Her clear vision in life is perfect in my opinion to teach me how to respect myself and others. I love her approach to life and how she teaches me how find ways to deal with many difficult barriers that I am dealing with and also find ways of approaching new opportunities in my career, family and in personal life. I feel grateful for having her in my life as she is truly a forever life coach for myself and a lifelong friend. In my opinion, she is a wonderful healer and a fantastic life coach who loves to teach the world so many things and she will continue to do the same through the wonderful vision she has. Thank you so much Sam. You are truly a blessing.”
– Freedom Mihas

A couple of years ago I had to leave my husband. Devastated. Lost. Sad. Angry. So many words and feelings. I had no idea how to deal with any of it. Add to that all the stuff I didn’t deal with my whole life. I found Sam. Through all my messy emotional breakdowns she helped me learn tools and new ways of seeing things. Caring and patient she calmly got me through. Showed me how to find my own worth. How to believe in myself. I owe so much to her for helping me in my lowest times. Thanks to her and all her skills, knowledge, tips and advice I’m no longer afraid of all the maybes and what ifs. I know I can deal with it and come out feeling good about my decisions.
– April D

“I met Sam Black a few years ago at a life coaching seminar and instantly felt comfortable and welcomed into her world. I am now a member of her Intuition Inner Circle. Sam has given me the confidence to follow my own intuition and believe In myself. Every month is different, interesting and fun and we have opportunity to learn about so many wonderful subjects with Sam, learning to meditate deeper, why eating better is important for intuition, how to listen to my intuition, which has lead me to make to make better life decisions and more importantly, how to hear those messages we all sometimes dismiss. The development and play calls are definitely ones not to miss. They are a personal favorite! Sam makes everyone feel included and welcome. She has a wonderful world of guest speakers to guide you on your spiritual journey and has also given me a beautiful group of souls to turn to for guidance and friendship. Sam is one of the most positive, happy, sharing people I have met and I’m blessed to have her in my life and to be part of the Intuition Circle. It was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. She has changed my life for the better. Thank you Sam for all that you do.”


“Sam is an amazing coach and medium. She gently and pointedly guides her clients to create and support positive changes for her client. As a teacher she guides her student to connect to their higher self. I am grateful to Sam as a coach, teacher and friend.”


“Sam is a life coach with amazing intuition. She coaches with wisdom, insight, and integrity. She is also a thoughtful listener who truly cares about her clients. After a coaching session with Sam, I had clarity, insights, and action steps to help me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a life coach to encourage, support, and give you the tools and accountability you need to achieve success, Sam is the perfect choice.”


I can’t wait to see you in the online portal!  Watch for your email with all of the details arriving in your inbox shortly!  

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