Wow!  The last day of our Daily Gratitude Challenge has come to a close for 2022!  We will be back at it again for October 2023, but in the meantime…remember that you can elevate your energy anytime by reflecting on what you are most grateful for!

Your challenge for today, should you choose to accept it, is to thank a “random” stranger for the energy that they bring into the world!  Have you ever noticed someone’s energy radiating so bright that it calls your own light forward?  Sometimes I hear from others that they have a hard time “seeing” energy when I say such things.  If you think to a hot summer day, the haze that bounces off the road ahead of you, that is very much like seeing energy!  Allow your chin to stay at 90 degrees, but your eyes to look up to 45 degrees.  Gently close your eyes and when you open them, look at something in that 45 degree range.  Allowing your view to expand, take in what you notice.  See where that “haze” lingers and ask your higher self what is its purpose.  You can do this when looking at people as well!  This allows you to see their aura.  Some will see colour, and some do not.  There is no “right” way or interpretation.  While looking at a variety of people, see which aura stands out to you and offer a compliment.  There is nothing better than a heart felt compliment!

Our affirmation for the day is “I am grateful today and every day!”

Here is what I am grateful for today!

  1. I am so grateful for YOU!  I am grateful for how you show up each day!  I am blessed to be in your awareness!  Your stories and your successes are such an inspiration!
  2. I am grateful for great ideas!  I love to reuse what I have to create something new and reduce waste.  And, i am grateful for Chris and Tristan for running with my ideas to make them reality!
  3. I am grateful that thanks to one of my friends and her willingness to share, that the Spiritstead Cafe will be open in a few weeks!  Although it is not at the permanent location, this temporary space will allow me to share in a way that I have dreamed about for years!  Spirit inspired and family recipes coming to life!  Soup is on, friends!

What are you most grateful for?

Sam Black
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