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This week is one of transition, letting go and welcoming in.  Things are moving, however they are shifting for us.  Hang in there, my friends!

A.  No Place Like Home

Life has a way of taking us back to where we have been.  You are being beckoned to look at choices of the past with grace and gratitude.  Some roads have been filled with blessings.  Other roads have been a little more bumpy.  You are now being called home.  Home may be a place, your family or dear friends and it may be a feeling that lives in your soul.  Home is a magical space where all feels familiar and healing happens just by climbing under your favourite blanket.  Trust that you bring home with you wherever you go.  You have all you need inside of you!

The number 6 is that incubation period of transformation and creation.  It is the mother energy of the universe, holding you in her arms while you grow and develop.  You are protected in all that you do.  The number one reminds you to take care of yourself.  You often find yourself in the space of leading others and working through every obstacle.  It is okay to rest and it is okay to allow others to help you.

The Root Chakra is showing up to help you feel grounded and safe.  If you find yourself wanting to run or hide this week, give yourself a big hug.  Walks in nature, grounding stones like tourmaline and eating your favourite foods will be helpful this week. xoxo

B.  Graveyard’s Peace

It is time to say good bye.  Physical and energetic partings can be tough, even when we know that they are in our best interest.  You may find yourself needing to spend time grieving this week.  There has been a loss of loved one, relationship, job, an addiction or something else that you once held dear.  Your new chapter will be ready for you, on your timeline.  You are not who you used to be and the old layers are shedding away.  Say good bye and then open to what is on its way to you!

The number 3 is a powerful number that calls forward creativity, options and an understanding that everything exists in various forms.  Every stone holds a physical structure, but it also holds  vibration and an energetic imprint and memory.  Even when that stone is tossed from the shore or crushed into the earth, it lives and becomes something new.  You get to transform with grace, just like the rock.  The number 5 reminds us to be flexible.  Be in the moment and trust that even when your earth brain does not know the next step, your soul does.

You are being called to work with the crown chakra.  Remember that you are an essential ingredient in this reality.  You are as important as the stars, the ground and the love that happens in between.  Trust that you are where you need to be and one decision away from a brand new life.  What leaves us in the physical is a call away in Spirit.  What no longer serves becomes the stepping stone to something better.  xoxo

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