Your intuitive insights are ready for the month of February 2024.  I am hearing from so many of you that you feel like you are falling behind.  You are not alone!  There is an energy around not feeling as though there is enough time, missing out and at the same time things not happening as quickly as we would like.  The feeling reminds me of being a kid and waiting for a race to begin.  The “ready, set, go!” filled with anticipation.  The race will begin, and now is the time to take in the present rather than anxiety for what is to come.  Just like in any good race, it is the preparation and training combined with the ability to see yourself succeeding that will take you all the way to the finish line.  Whatever that big picture is for you, take the time to enjoy each step.

For many years now, we have enjoyed Monday Intuition together.  First on facebook, and then when the “bots” or “creepers” took over, we have tried different ways.  I will from time to time still do a pop up Monday Intuition, however the plan moving forward is to offer this once per month as a monthly reading.  For those on my mailing list, you will get the first notification that your reading is ready.  Those on my instagram, you will see it in the story.  Enjoy your reading and keep trusting your gut!

A.  Grandfather Clock

You are being called to honour your natural rhythms and trust that all is coming forward in the perfect time.  This is not the time to fit into the boxes of other’s creation.  You are bring invited to look to the past and explore what brings you comfort and a sense of home.  Allow for rest and play.  The business of being busy is keeping you from enjoying the self care that you deserve.  Trust your own flow in life.

The number three comes forward to remind you to have fun and be creative.  Your creativity may not be expressed the way that others would, and that is what makes it stand out.  Understand the past and the rules, but do it in your own way.  You are being called to work with the Sacral Chakra this month.  Bubble baths, colouring and affirmations will be your friends.  Become familiar with the loving voice of your higher self.  Allow that voice and vibration to quiet the ego.  You are the gift that your grandfathers left to the world.  It is important to see yourself with that value.

B.  The Scrapbook

There is a call for deep and generational healing.  You may find yourself reflecting extra on the past this month.  You could also be seeing the story of previous generations playing out in the present.  Healing is an heirloom in that it is passed down for generations to come.  You have the capacity to change your family tree through love and compassion.  Allow yourself to sit with old wounds with curiosity over blame and doubt.  It is equally important to explore the happy times.  The smiles and personalities shine through those old photos, inviting you to listen to their stories. Allow the past to speak its truth.  Honour its victories and learn from its mistakes.  You are a work of art.  Be a part of every moment and every snapshot in time.

The number thirty-eight brings forward insight to the past and energy for the future.  There is a creative aspect that is inviting you to bring your own flare to the forefront.  The fun little child in you is wanting to come out and play.  The eight reminds us that the past comes to the present for healing and to inspire the future.  Our present was once the future waiting to be explored and will one day represent the history of our lives.  Capture the stories.  Be in the moment and create a legacy for your future.  You are being called to work with the heart chakra this month.  Release and forgive what no longer serves you.  Make room for loving and reciprocal relationships.  And, get excited for the the magic that is ready to come in!

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