Your Intuitive Insights are ready for the month of March 2024.  I am hearing themes this month around legacy, planning for “graduation” from this life to the one in the Spirit world and conflicts around wills and honouring the wishes of loved ones.  I will be posting a weekly series this month on this theme to offer some guidance and open the dialogue on this serious topic.  Losing our loved ones in the physical form can be difficult enough without adding unknowns and ego into the mix.  Often the conversation around death is taboo, and yet it is the one thing that we will all experience.  My goal is to help you to feel supported and to begin these conversations in a loving way.  I hope that you will come back on Mondays and offer your input in the comment section.

On to our Intuitive Insights.  Each month I offer you these readings with the intention that the messages help you to move forward on your path and that you trust the messages that you receive as well.  I would love to hear how your reading resonates for you and your journey.

A.  Dancing Queen

You are being called to move and shake to your own natural rhythm.  It is not the time to take life so seriously that you can’t dance your way through.  You are no longer stuck or immobile and your soul is urging you to take your worries out onto the dance floor.  Sometimes we forget that our circumstances of the past are not our jails of the future.  There are some unpleasant tasks that have been left on the back burner.  Put on your favourite song and move through the motions.  Allow yourself to release the old and bring in the new.  You are the dancing queen.  Your grace has brought you far.  Keep moving towards more of what you love.

The numbers 4 and 7 are calling you to find stability through inspired actions.  You may not move life everyone else, but their way does not work for you anyhow!  Trust that you have the answers and the direction already.  Your sacral chakra is helping to get you going.  Your divine feminine calls forward abundance while your creativity welcomes it in.  Lines are for country songs, let your energy go wherever it wants!  xoxo

B.  Trust

You keep getting the same messages calling you forward to do what is uncomfortable.  You also keep trying to do it the old way and wondering why it is not feeling right.  It is time to listen to your gut!  Trust that the universe has your back and the earth holds your feet.  You are capable of more than you have been allowing yourself to receive.  It is time to shift those old beliefs into ones that work for you and love you unconditionally.  You have got this!  Just jump!

The number 6 understands that you may not be ready to tell the world of your plans.  It is okay to keep them in while you figure it all out.  Your new life is almost ready to be born, welcomed into the light and possibility.  The five reminds you to be flexible.  Things are shifting and changing.  You are shifting and changing.  And so, the plan may need to as well.  Do not get held up by the fantasy of perfection.  The bumps and experience are what makes the journey worthwhile.  You are being called to work with the third eye chakra.  Trust, even what you can not explain or rationalize.  You are getting the message for a reason.  Consider it a letter from your future self.  xoxo

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