Create The Life You Want. The Life You Deserve!

Get Where You Want To Go – Today!

“Life doesn’t come with a remote control…
You have to get up and change it Yourself!”

…But luckily, you have Sam Black to run along side, cheering you on!

What Are The Benefits of Life Coaching?

  • Helping big and little ideas become Big Realities!
  • Goal Setting that works– and how to break tasks in to manageable steps
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Bridging life transitions(empty nesting, job loss, new graduate, divorce, death of a loved one, moving, custody issues and more)
  • Stress Management
  • Back to Work, Back to Life solutions
  • Discover your Powerful Skill Set
  • Business and management coaching
  • Direct Sales Coaching
  • Encouragement, Confidential and Professional Support
  • Sam can CREATE Coaching Packages that work for YOU!


“Sam is a life coach with amazing intuition. She coaches with wisdom, insight, and integrity. She is also a thoughtful listener who truly cares about her clients.
After a coaching session with Sam, I had clarity, insights, and action steps to help me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a life coach to encourage, support, and give you the tools and accountability you need to achieve success, Sam is the perfect choice.”

Lisa S

“Sam truly embodies the essence of a life coach – someone who is there to guide, to clarify goals and to offer insights and relevant information, all in a supportive and non-judgemental way.  Her approach is both professional and thoughtful.  Our sessions were always productive, and left me feeling motivated and ready to tackle my next goal!  Thank you, Sam!”

Jennifer M.

“Sam is such a wonderful person to speak with. She eases the nerves and answers any questions you may have. I had my first reading done by Sam on Wednesday and she was very accommodating and so spot on. I’ve always been open minded about these things but Sam exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Sam for a wonderful experience!”  


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