New Moon Blessings!

It is the New Moon in Taurus with lots of calls for us to look at what is truly valuable to us.  Sometimes we can get wrapped up in the material “stuff”. You may be finding with this energy that some of that needs cleared out to make space for joy, pride and abundance.  Remember to do your earthy ritual for releasing and then calling in what you really want in your life.

Your Readings are Ready!
A.  Soul Sisters

This month is all about true and authentic relationships.  You may find yourself extra sensitive to “fake” friends or those who are only there for the good times.  It is a great time to reconnect with those who know you on a deep level.  They are the ones who require little catch up time.  They know what your looks mean.  They recognize your patterns for self sabotage and are not afraid to call you out.  It is your soul that is seeking connection.  It is also a great time for making new connections that feel like you have known each other for lifetimes, and there is a great possibility that you have.  Enjoy these special moments and listen for the wisdom and messages coming forward.

The number 7 invites you to remember that you have a direct line to source.  All of the souls that come into your world are divinely placed there, as you are for them.  Trust that the messages coming in are for your highest good.  Your Heart Chakra is blossoming with abundant love.  Relish in the relationships that cherish you.  Enjoy every moment, Soul Sister!  xoxo

B.  Toad’s Warts

This month is all about looking beneath the surface.  Beauty can be found in every over and under every bump and scar.  It is the blending of your essence, your experiences and your energy that draw people close.  It is time to let go of old wounds.  Manufactured guilt is not your friend.  You are the keeper of the spell and have the power to reverse it.  You are beauty in motion.  You hold the wonder of childhood, the caring of motherhood and the wisdom of the grandmothers.  All else is noise that holds you back.  It is time to reclaim the parts of yourself and your story that you buried long ago.  You are not deserving of shame.

The number 16 carries with it a sweetness of new beginnings and innocence.  You may find that you are being called to new places and/or to learn new things.  This exploration is the first step in the life that you are co-creating with the universe.  You have much to learn and much to teach also.  The Sacral Chakra is inviting you to bring balance forward between the past, present and future.  You are the artist of all things beautiful.  Paint the life that you actually deserve!  xoxo

Sam Black
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