It is almost that time again…Mercury Retrograde.  You have read about it, heard about it and certainly seen memes on social media.  All pointing to the woes of Mercury Retrograde and how to hide under the covers until he turns direct once again.

Mercury is a social guy that knows what’s up.  He can often be helpful in communication and getting things organized.  However, during retrograde, things can get a little mixed up.  Mercury is at home in both Gemini and Virgo.  Gemini, an air sign, is the chatty and social energy that Mercury brings to the table, whereas in earth sign Virgo, he wants to get down to business and cross off the to do list.  When in retrograde, Mercury is not in his usual flow, and so, things sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Imagine you are a Mom of a few kids.  It is the end of the day, and you are tired, but when you look around all you see are the “droppings” of the day.  Mercury Retrograde is much like that moment.  Yes, there is a mess, however it offers an opportunity to go back over and put things where they belong.  It is the perfect time to reflect, revise, rewrite and reorganize!

Although travel plans may get interrupted, emails lost, a disagreement gets blown out of proportion, Mercury is also showing up for you.  You are being the gift of slowing down and making sure that things are the way that you want them to be.  It is when we rush through that there are errors.  Here are some strategies to help you not only navigate the retrograde tides, but also thrive in them!

Breathe and have a sense of humour

Everything is going to work out exactly as it will and we control our reactions in life, not what the universe gifts us with.  Finding the humour is a bridge through difficult times.  That challenge may be a traffic jam, or a delayed response for an important matter or even a message that has been lost in translation.  That traffic jam may be the universe avoiding an accident.  A delayed response could be holding you up so that something even better than expected can come in.  The message mix up could be a valuable lesson to you or the receiver.  Everything happens for us in our lives, even when the blessing is hidden under circumstances out of our control.  Breathe.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Stay away from gossip

Gossip is a toxic pool of misery in the best of times.  During a Mercury Retrograde, not only is the message poison, but intentions and blame may be misplaced.  Finding kindness and compassion, or simply walking away both defuse the negativity and shift the energy from a low vibration to love.  Remember to listen to your heart and gut to find truth and wisdom.

Listen to words, energy and intention

When words do not feel in alignment, it is important to ask what is moving them forward.  Explore what “re” words may help you gain understanding.  Some examples may be the need to revisit another time and put a topic on a shelf until we are in a different space, or to reflect on what energy we brought into the conversation, and revise our wording.

Give yourself extra time

We “know” that Mercury Retrograde has a reputation for delay and disruption.  Allow yourself extra time to enjoy the ride.  This extra time could be for appointments, and it could also be to process emotions or information, visit with a friend or loved one.  It is a great time to take time off to reorganize your life too!

Ask questions in different ways

Mercury Retrograde reminds us to seek clarification.  We each have our preferred learning and communication styles.  In addition, we also have our masculine/feminine energy and elements that we resemble.  Coming from our heart space with the intention of understanding can also help to avoid defence mechanisms that can present when our intention is not clear.

Although Mercury Retrograde is one of the most feared on the galactic playground, it truly is a gift.  Take up space.  Take the time to go within.  Remember that you can still move forward, even when the world seems to be moving backwards.  Foes are only misunderstood friends that we have not gotten  to see shine yet.



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