Happy Monday!

As we move into this 2024 year, there are many experiencing the world in new ways.  We are still in that formulating phase of creation and today is an amazing day brainstorming and completing tasks on the list.  Keep dreaming and see that dream as real.  It is important to remember that you are deserving of that dream.  The universe is showing up for you, and you can trust that.

I hope that you enjoy your reading.  Thank you for being a part of Monday Intuition!

A.  Lightening Strikes

There have been rumblings in your mind and system.  Something has been feeling “off” and you are now being called to bring yourself back to balance.  Making decisions can feel overwhelming and the universe is showing up to make the choice easier for you.  It is time to to narrow down your options and trust you are able to choose what is best for you.  Things may be happening faster than you are comfortable with, and there is calm after every storm.  Lightening shows up to circumvent the back and forth than can go on in our minds.  It pulls us into the now.  In this space of being present we can go with our gut and that is where truth lives without the input of belief systems.  Making choice from this intuitive space may not make sense in the moment, however when we listen it feels right and serves our future.  Trust and allow yourself to come first.

You are being called to work with the Third Eye Chakra.  You are intuitive and your whole system gives you the sensations and wisdom to just “know”.  The number 7 is supports that intuitive guidance and your creative ability to make things happen.  You are in process of creating your future and all steps lead us forward.  The number 4 is all about stability and a desire to make the right choices for our own security and safety.

B.  Graveyard’s Peace

It is time to begin a new chapter in this beautiful adventure called life.  Change can feel exciting, difficult and melancholy at times.  There is excitement for what is fresh and new.  The difficult can be from navigating new roads, not knowing what is in store or even not being able to access the knowing that things will be okay.  And they will be okay.  That sadness is often the reminder that when we let things go, it involves grieving what was lost and/or no longer fits.  Grieving is just as much about honour and celebration as it is about saying goodbye.  As you move toward lighter days, releasing the weight of yesterday will allow you to do so with joy and extra space to welcome in the new.  Your loved ones on the Spirit side of life always walk with you.  Watch for the signs that they are cheering you on and celebrating the amazing things coming your way.

You are being called to work with your Crown Chakra.  You are an integral part of our universe.  Just as the stars sparkle in the night sky, your essence is a bright light to others.  The night may reduce the visibility for our physical eyes, but your soul knows the way.  Trust the guidance that you receive from this soul space.  It is always loving and showing up to support you on your journey.  The number 3 is that creativity and ability to transform the old into something new.  The number 5 is calling you to be flexible and trust that you are in the right place at the right time.  And, you are.

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