Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance Deck


The Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance Deck is a 78 card deck, created by International Psychic Medium, Sam Black and inspired by Spirit!  The illustrations were commissioned by Canadian Artist, Victoria Heryet (link in in water colour.  The cards are 2.5 x 3.5 and are printed on a high-quality card stock with a coating for easy shuffling.  Each card has been infused with love and the highest intention for your well-being.  Included with each deck is a 91 page guide book that includes an image of the card, in pained in India Ink, a description of the cards and four card layouts for easy use and instruction.  This deck is perfect for both experienced and novice intuitives!


The cards have a unique North American Canadiana feel to them and are deeply rooted in nature with a hint of magic.  They appeal to all ages and have a feminine feel to them.  They capture the beauty of the natural elements with the desire to bring balance to what is not so.  The messages are loving and have been receiving high praise for their relevance.

“Hi Sam my daughter bought these for Mother’s Day for me.  We have been using them faithfully.  During this COVID  year we have been regularly turning to these cards for guidance. We really like the messages they give to us seems to be very relevant for not only my daughters and I but also my sister in law has been joining us on a weekly basis and your cards are the ones we used the most. Thank you I highly recommended your cards we really enjoy them.”
~ Joanne

“I was extremely lucky to receive a deck of Sam Black’s, Grounded Roots, Intuitive Guidance Cards and are over the moon with them. They quickly became one of my favorite decks that I use everyday. The messages and pictures are clear and concise! A lot of thought went into these!”
~ Vanessa Hurst

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