As we begin each morning, we set the tone for the energy that we would like to bring forward.  When I ask you, what is the happiest morning that you have ever experienced?  What do you remember…what comes forward for you?

As a child, I was never one for hiding my feelings…if I was happy, it showed and if I was grumpy, the whole world knew it.  Let’s be real…that has not changed much…I just tend to have more happy days than not.  I was a tiny little thing, but as my mother used to say, small but mighty.  I had been told on several occasions that I had “woken up on the wrong side of the bed” and aside from knowing that a corner was somewhere in my future, I really did not understand what that meant, or that I had the capacity to shift the energy for a different outcome.

When I reflect on the very best feelings that I have ever had…one would have to be waking up to the sun stretching over me, casting the prism in my window and casting a display of rainbows in every direction, with the birds singing and the smell of baked apple and fresh coffee brewing wafting down the hall from the kitchen.  Recalling this moment, I can be back there in seconds…back to this place where time stands still.  When I reflect on this, I am aware of my presence…of gratitude…of bringing the dreamworld into my conscious world.

You see, it is our perspective and how we engage the senses that allow us to continue in this state of peace as we transition to the conscious state.  It is that ability to capture not only what is around us, but also a gratitude for it that sets the tone for the day that we will encounter.  Here are a few easy ways to begin your day with presence!

  1.  While still in a sleepy state, ask your higher self, “What is my purpose today?”  There is a myth that we have one purpose during this lifetime, however we fulfill numerous purposes and we have been placed here in this time and space for so many reasons.  Connecting with the higher self and being unattached to the outcome, we can open the day with adventure and an understanding of our importance on this planet.
  2. Follow the pattern of your breath.  The breath shows up for us, without our conscious involvement, and it travels to and lingers where it is needed.  Be open to the messages that come forward.
  3. Take a deep breath and release with your eyes closed, and then smile and open your eyes.
  4. Give gratitude!  Thank your pillow for cradling your neck, your blankets for warmth, your body for resting, your soul for waking up to enjoy another day of human existence, the floor for supporting your feet, the water in the shower for running along every curve of your body.  The blessings are limitless!
  5. Do your mirror work!  Say good morning to yourself!  Look in your eyes…enjoy the laugh lines, and the way that your hair falls.  Set some intentions, like “Today is awesome!  Today I am so excited to meet a new friend!  Today I am going to remind someone about why they are important!  Today I will love and be loved!”  And tell yourself “I love you!” as many times as needed that day.
You see, you are the master of your day!  You choose your ability to be happy, and the world that you encounter was created by you and FOR YOU!  Have a super awesome day!  I love you xoxo
Sam Black
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