Lily Dale is home to Mediums and a favourite place to visit for the curious and those seeking validation of life on the Spirit side of life.  Many who come on to the grounds comment on the shift of energy as soon as they pass the gates.  With such energy it is no wonder that it became the historic space that welcomed free thinkers, trailblazers and become the home of generations of Spiritualists.

As you walk up and down the streets filled with victorian homes, each with its own unique feel, it is clear to all that visit that Lily Dale Assembly is a very special place.  Although some live here or visit year round, it is the summer camp that brings in people from around the world.  It is true that you must be a Spiritualist and member of the Assembly to live in Lily Dale.  However, contrary to popular belief  it is not only Mediums that live here.

Sadly, I am preparing to head back to Northwestern Ontario, so I am not able to give you a tour this year.  I can however point you in the right direction to ensure that you get to experience my favourite spots!

Inspiration Stump:

There are two all message services here each day, unless it is raining.  Settled in one of the oldest Old Grove Forests, you are surrounded by natural beauty.  At 1pm and 5:30pm you will be welcomed by a chairperson who will introduce the various mediums and give you a little history lesson.  There are three kinds of Mediums that serve at these services.  The Registered Mediums have been tested by the Assembly and have been approved to give readings on the grounds.  No one else has permission to give private readings.  Then there are the visiting Mediums.  (That’s me!)  We love serving Spirit so much that we go to Lily Dale during the summer to volunteer our time giving messages and helping in other ways.  Then there are the student Mediums…maybe that is you!  Student Mediums are welcome in Lily Dale to serve at services.  It is the best way to become comfortable sharing and get great feedback.  The audience is always extra nice to the students and it gets easier with each time.  Although not everyone will get a reading, may will either directly or indirectly through “piggy back” messages.  This service is included in your gate fee.

The Healing Temple:

Like the message services, healing services are included in your gate fee.  The Healing Temple in Lily Dale offers Spiritual Healing every day.  As you quietly enter the Healing Temple, you will feel a shift in vibration.  There is such a beautiful energy and each healing stays with you always.  Healers are trained and approved to work in the temple as volunteers.  You are also welcome to come in to meditate or add family and friends to the healing book.  Healing will go to wherever it is needed. Prayer Ribbons and Prayer Shawls blessed by the Monks are also available.  If you are or are interested in becoming a Healer, I always encourage my students to attend classes with Rev. Barbara Sanson and Tom Cratsley.  They offer training each summer so if you have missed our for this year, be sure to watch for the 2024 catalogue!

The Boat House:

Whether you are looking to meditate, read or visit with friends, the boat house is one of my favourite spots.  See the picture above…like seriously!  I love it!  Overlooking Cassadaga Lake, the Boat House has benches that go around and a picnic table in the middle.  Turtles, fish and otters swim by and sometimes you can even see the Lily Dale Swan.

Sacred Grounds:

Just opened in 2023, Stacy and Michele of Sacred Grounds know what’s up!  Delicious drinks and baked goods will have your mouth watering, while the atmosphere will make you feel like family.  Personally, I love the Pineapple Mango Smoothie, but I have seen quite a few drool over the quiche.  You just can’t go wrong.  And, they have a shopping experience set up too with metaphysical items and artwork.  And quite possibly the best open porch in Lily Dale, where you are guaranteed to meet new and old friends alike.

Sweat Lodge on the Beach:

One of the most enlightening experiences of my life happened during a Sweat Lodge Ceremony on Lily Dale Beach.  Be sure to sign up in advance, dress light and bring a towel.  You are in good hands and sure to have an amazing experience.

2:30 Services:

Each afternoon at 2:30p, Lily Dale Assembly offers a Spiritualist Service.  Spiritualism does not have dogma and welcomes everyone to know the God of their own understanding.  All are welcomed.  This service offers music from the beautiful and old organ, an inspirational speech and messages from a Medium.  One of the great things about attending this service is that many identify with the principles and inclusivity and it leads them to seek out Spiritualist Churches in their own community.  These services are held in the auditorium, which is well worth the visit all on its own!  Built in 1883, it is home to historic events and history for civil rights and women’s suffrage.

Make New Friends:

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the people are that visit Lily Dale each summer.  From all walks of life and from every corner of the planet, people come to Lily Dale, the largest Spiritualist camp in the world.  The rich conversations and connections are like nothing I have seen in any other place.  (Omega in Rhinebeck, NY is a close second)  Whether you meet on the street, a class or through a shared experience, new friends in Lily Dale are like old friends of the heart.

Forest Temple:

At 4pm each day, an all message service is held t the Forest Temple.  Since 1894, Mediums have been sharing messages from Spirit loved ones, offering healing and raising vibration for all that visit.  One rainy days this service is moved indoors to either the Auditorium or the Assembly Hall.  Just like the Inspiration Stump Services, Registered, Visiting and Student Mediums offer messages in a gallery style.

Attend a Class:

Classes in Lily Dale range in a variety of topics from Spiritualism, Mediumship, Writing, Art and a variety of Metaphysical topics.  A committee of members work hard each year to bring forward the best of the best from around the world to teach you.  These classes are extremely affordable, informative and a lot of fun.  This summer I enjoyed a couple of astrology classes with Cassandra Joan Butler (LOVE her!), fairy and forest bathing with Dr. Jan Dreshman and Near Death Experience with the absolutely amazing Dr Raymond Moody.  There are so many to choose from, and you can often sign up same day if you want to go where the wind leads you.  For you Spiritual teachers, it is hands down one of my favourite places to teach.  Workshop proposals for the following year come out each spring.

And finally…the obvious…Get a Reading!

Each of the registered Mediums have a sign outside their home that lets you know they have been approved to give readings on the grounds.  I can not give you a reading on the grounds…not even with the bribe of Peanut Butter Pie (Sorry Sharon…you tried so hard…but through these gates I am a rule follower 🙂 )  Seriously though…Peanut Butter Pie…if I have a number 11 it would be to go on over the the Sunflower at the Pagoda and get a slice.  Lily Dale might be all about the Spirits, but that pie is to die for.  Okay, back to the readings, prior to the pandemic you could often walk up same day for the reading.  However times have changed and these folks book up, so please avoid disappointment by booking in advance.  You can see a list of registered mediums and all of the spots I have shared with you at  If you love your reading, please go leave the Medium a nice review.  That helps others find us.

Okay, I have to give you a number 11…it is an angel number after all.  Fairy Trail…it is magical!

I hope that you have a wonderful time in Lily Dale!  It really is a space of healing and awakening!

Sam Black
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