Damp cold, grey skies and the desire to hide away until the sun comes back.  So many struggle with feeling sadness and depression.  The weather has a way of influencing our mood, and combined with compound energy from others feeling the same, these grey days can be really tough to get through.  Emotions, such as sadness and grief can also increase symptoms.  Of course, when the blues become chronic or deepen, it is so important to ask for help!  We are not meant to shine on our own!  However, for seasonal blues that do life by shifting the energy around us, here are some ways to get shining again!


Music has a way of instantly impacting our energy and our mental programming!  When you hear a song that gets you singing and moving, create a playlist!  Having this personal karaoke at your finger tips gives you an instant lift!

Get Moving!

Many communities have indoor spaces that you can use for walking during crummy weather.  If you have dry weather, finding a local trail or path through nature can give you a double dose of energy!  Movement is what helps the music, ideas, affirmations and more integrate into your energy!  And, it makes your physical body increase mobility and release what is creating tension!


One of the tricks in my hat is to have a list of memories and videos that instantly make me smile!  The sound of baby giggles is one of the most contagious things on the planet!  A good belly laugh, especially when we can share with friends, has a whole host of benefits!  Funny jokes, silly faces and comedy skits are a boost that does not have to cost a thing!

Physical Touch!

It is a great time to curl up with your favourite cuddle buddy!  For those who do not have another human close by, pets totally count!  Another great option are weighted blankets.  Allowing your physical body to feel a connection awakens muscle memory of being loved, comforted and nurtured.  Those with a Root Chakra that needs extra love, need this one most!

Get Social!

In person…without technology wherever possible!  In this technology reliant world that we live in, many are not getting the opportunity to connect as they once did.  And those connections are often distracted by cell phones, emails and texts.  Turning off the devices allows us to be fully present and that is where the real connection happens!

Give yourself a job to do!

Having a taste that ignites our interests and talents, or even an opportunity to try something new engages us physically and mentally.  And, once completed, we receive an emotional reward and boost!

What are the things that you do to boost your inner sunshine?

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