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Types of Coaching


Life Transitions

One of the most common areas of life that benefit from coaching are Life Transitions.  We see these transitions throughout life, and with each phase can come uncertainty, grief, loss and excitement and/or resentment.  In many cases, these transitions are natural and predictable, however at other times they can feel forced and unexpected.  Coaching can help!  Some life transitions may include:

–        Various stages of parenting, such as family planning, the teenage years and empty nesting
–        Divorce, blending families and single parenting
–        Loss of a loved one, such as spouse, parents, friends and/or children
–        Job loss and retirement
–        Marriage planning
–        Illness and (dis)ability
…and the list goes on….


Relationships pop up frequently in coaching sessions…and here’s why!  Whether you are internally or externally motivated, the relationships in your life have influenced your decisions, successes, “failures” and plans for the future!  The systems that we are a part of, consciously and unconsciously influence our behaviour!  Add generations of limiting beliefs and experiences to the mix, and you can easily see how relationships are either supporting your growth or holding you back!


Trauma can take on many forms in our lives.  For some it may look like physical trauma…an incident or series of incidents accumulating that alters our perspective of safety and puts that “fight or Flight” in to overdrive!  We see this with domestic violence, workplace injury, automobile accidents and so much more.  Then there are the emotional traumas, such as losing a child (through death and also through custody), divorce and compound caregiving of an ill or disabled loved one.  Cognitive trauma can come in various forms.  We can see this in brain injuries and mental illness, and also with conflicting beliefs and parts that do not fit.  Finally, with spiritual trauma, we see things such as a lack of understanding of the universe or the self, suicide and not seeing yourself as part of or deserving of a purpose.


Maybe you already have your own business and are ready to take it to the next level…or maybe you have been struggling with employment because you “just don’t fit” in with the rigidity or expectations that go along with working for someone else.  Maybe you just want to wok your own hours to enjoy more family time and/or travel.  I can help!  With over 20 years’ experience in sales and home based business, I can help you think outside of the box and help you turn your passions and skills in to the career you have been looking for!  Life is too short to live your life out of alignment with your purpose and happiness!  It is possible to be both successful and fulfilled and I can help you discover how!

Employment and Second Career

I can remember in the eighth grade, our guidance counsellor, Mr. Cruikshank, told us that we would have at least 2-5 careers in our lifetime.  Many of the kids went home and came back saying “My dad says that we should just stay in one job for our whole life.” And we were again told that the world was changing and to be ready for change.  That belief around staying in one job, or other beliefs around failure and success, influence our ability to think outside the box…especially if a job or career is ended involuntarily.  Examples could be lay off, conflict with a supervisor, mental health (I see this often with clients that have ADHD and Depression) or illness and (dis)ability.  First, let me share my belief….everyone on this planet and beyond has something to offer themselves and others.  And second, “Broken crayons still colour.”  In a cookie cutter world, where you may feel broken and/or lost, my commitment to you is to help you bring your colours to life!

“Sam is a god send. She has a special gift to help effectively sort through life’s challenges. I sincerely would not recommend anyone else. “

Juliellen Sampara

“Sam helped to clarify important spiritual aspects relevant to my life’s calling. I was very satisfied with the truth and it was very helpful.”

Kalika Moody

“Highly recommend Sam! I had a reading and took her Chakra Bootcamp…Sam is insightful, dynamic and BANG ON!! Want clarity or feeling a little stuck? Sam is your gal!!”

Lynne Raven Fahey

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