The two questions that I am most often asked about coaching is “How can a coach help me?” and “What do you love about being a coach?”  Now, I will be honest, I am a little biased!  I think that everyone should have a coach!  In fact, I have two!  Coaching is an amazing way to move forward with goals, dreams and the things that have been holding you back!  Here are some ways that a coach can help you.


⭐ Shift perspectives so that you can see new opportunities
⭐ Identify limiting beliefs
⭐ Help you to see the big picture
⭐ Help you to identify what has been holding you back (I know that I am not your first “try”!)
⭐ Cheer you on and encourage you through the tough times
⭐ Celebrate your wins and keep the momentum going
⭐ Call you out on your sh*t (We all have it!)
⭐ Create goals that you CAN achieve!
⭐ Help you to stay focused and follow through
⭐Help you learn to trust YOUR intuition
⭐ Turn ideas into reality
⭐ Offer a variety of ideas so that you can choose the one that feels right to you


And here are some ways that you know you are ready to work with a coach!


❤️ You know that something needs to change

❤️ You are going through a life transition (job loss, retirement, divorce, intuitive/spiritual shift, empty nesting, business creation or up level, lifestyle changes, blending families, parenting, loss of a loved one, relocation, injury or illness)
❤️ You feel alone or that others do not see your vision
❤️ You have all of these ideas and don’t know what to do with them
❤️ You are having struggles in relationships and are ready to heal what is really going on
❤️ You feel stuck or “bored”
❤️ You have lost your passion for what you used to do
❤️ You are excited about a new challenge and need some support to make it happen
❤️ You need a sounding board that will not judge you and will honour your confidentiality
❤️ You have old trauma that is ready to be shifted
❤️ You are sick and tired of being sick and tired


I could go on all day about why I love being a coach!  I will share 3 of those reasons with you!


#1 I genuinely love to see other people achieve their goals and dreams and surpass their own expectations!

#2 I get to witness my clients see the beauty that they have inside and watch what they do and create with it!  (Notice that I said “witness”….I don’t do the work for them, but it is such a blessing to stand on the sidelines!)
#3 I get to be a part of the magic that happens when my clients see what it is that has been holding them back and make permanent change to shift that “thing” for good!
What could you accomplish with a coach???
Sam Black
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