Even now, many years later, I am still aware of my mother’s voice in my head.  The message shows up when I need it most.  It is during those times that I am pushing to make things happen before they are ready.  I may hear the words of caution in the garden as I try to see if the carrots are ready long before their time.  Or, waiting to hear of news that I know is arriving, but I want it now.

In a family filled with Taurus and Virgo earthy energies, my “go get what you want” personality is often greeted with a head shake.  The truth is somewhere in between their steady “wait for the right moment” and my “let’s make it happen”.  In my younger years, I thought that if I could just inspire the mountains, they would move where I wanted them to go.  If I could just share one ounce of my passion and excitement, they would jump at the chance to dance along side me.  And still, my mother’s voice sings in my mind.  “Patience is a virtue…of which you have none, Miss Sammi Ann.”

Those words which once incited an eye roll now bring forward a smile.  It has been which certain struggle and frustration that I now understand how to hold the energy of impatience.  It is not that I deny it lives within most days.  However, it serves as a message now.  A message to trust.

In conversation with a client recently, the topic of patience came forward.  The idea that sometimes when we push to make things happen, we actually cause a set back.  The universe listens to our plans and feels the energy that we put toward them.  When we understand that we are deserving of “this or something better”, we then too must also understand that the universe is co-creating to get the “something better” to work out!  And so, it is actually the energy of trust that settles the discomfort of impatience.  The ego rushes in to question worthiness and doubt.  The ego loves to tango with impatience, holding us back from truly tasting the things that we really want most.  Trust does not battle with swords or hash realities when the ego comes to call.  Rather, it holds a deep knowing that things are going to work out.

I am reminded of my eight year old self, sitting in my desk looking up at my teacher during math class.  We were working on addition with large numbers, and she questioned by answers because I had not shown my work. “Sam, how do you know that you have the right answer if you have not shown how you got there?”  I thought that the question was absolutely ridiculous.  “Because I know that it is right.”  This dialogue went on for what felt like an hour. I did get perfect on that math quiz, and I had a low grade for now showing my work.  I knew without a doubt that the answers were in fact correct.

This knowing and trust shows up in our lives.  It guides us with grace towards our desired outcome. It does not shake or waver.  It may be through our Spiritual beliefs or even how we choose our home.  Having this understanding and applying it sometimes do not come naturally.  There are ways of further developing the ability to call on trust.  We are all a work in progress!

“Know Thy Self”

A great way to get started is to recognize who you really are.  Remember the moments that impatience has shown up for you.  Understand the emotions that accompany it.  This is an activity of self reflection and self love.  And, it is always helpful to be able to laugh with this understanding.  You are your own beautiful soul.

Practice Playing with Your Intuition

For those of you who join me for “Monday Intuition”, it is no surprise that I am encouraging you to trust!  When we are able to recognize how messages come forward to us, we are able to apply that wisdom to every area of our life.  Use all of your senses and see where your intuition leads you.

Love All of the Parts

Often we talk of how the ego holds us back.  However, it is an integral part of us, and does have its place.  The ego allows us to slow down and consider different facets.  It sees the shadows that may be present and invites our higher self to aid us in finding resolution.  Being able to recognize how the ego and higher self show up for us, can help us discern information.  This also allows us to call on hope to settle fear.  And, it helps us to rely on trust when impatience pushes us too quickly on our path.

Breathe and Look Up

Sometimes, it is more difficult to shift from a lower energy, like impatience, to a higher frequency such as trust.  There are many ways to accomplish this elevation.  One of my favourite is to close my eyes, take a few deep breaths.  I remove the focus from the human construct of time.  I instead, sit with the energy of how I will feel at the moment of success.  Breathing will happen whether you focus on it or not.  Time will keep moving, even in moments where we want it to hurry or stop.  Impatience comes forward in the form of control.  When we look up and surrender, we give the green light to trust.

Understand that There is a Plan

Each moment, conscious or unconscious, has been created just for you.  Savour the moments that take you to the path of your destiny.  It is those snapshots in time that most often go unnoticed and later are met with regret.

Planning, excitement and anticipation all move us forward.  However, there comes a time when we have to just allow.  When impatience interrupts the journey towards your dreams, remember that trust is ready to take over the wheel.

Sam Black
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