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One on One Coaching

I am here to help YOU! Receive insight, support and strategies to help you achieve any goal! Whether you are feeling lost, uninspired or disconnected, I have the tools to help you move forward!

If you would like to learn more, let’s set up a call and see how coaching can help you!

Time Line Therapy® Sessions

Time Line Therapy® is a process where we can go to the root cause of an “issue”, feeling, emotion and gain the learning without reliving the trauma! In 4-6 hours, clients have expressed feeling lighter, “free” and ready to make the necessary shifts in their lives!

Intuitive Readings

Have you been looking to insight to your life? Are you looking for healing or to connect with loved ones on the Spirit side of life?

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium with 30 years experience sharing messages and readings, and has been celebrated for her accuracy and caring personality.

Intuition Inner Circle Membership

Join International Psychic Medium, Sam Black in a safe place to explore, play and gain insight to intuition and tools that can help you on your path to self discovery! You will be offered fellowship with other intuitives, an online development circle experience, meditations and so much more!

Consciously Creating YOUR Business Mastermind 2021

The time is NOW! You have gifts and skills to share with the world and the opportunity to earn an income doing it!
Momentum, insight, support and success are one click away!

Join today and get started right away!


“Where do I begin?!  I’ve been working with Sam for a few years now and my life has never been the same. Her readings and yearly forecasts for business and personal are always right on point. I am also working with Sam to heighten my own intuition and I full-heartedly trust her as she guides myself and others through seeing how and what intuition may look like. My personal growth has been amazing because of Sam and her guidance. I also like that during coaching Sam teaches us to hear and feel our own intuition not just rely on the messages she has for us.”


“I would like to share my experience, strength and hope when I did Time Line Therapy with Sam. It was enlightening to see that my patterns in life were from many years ago. Being able to go back in time and look at things in this stage in my life gave my hope and not taking any ownership to what was not mine to carry. I suggest that if you are thinking about doing it…do it! You will only go forward a whole lot lighter and happier! Thank you, Sam!”

Freedom Mihas

“I have known Sam Black as a healer, medium and life coach. She has been a very influential person in my life and has taught me many things about myself. Her clear vision in life is perfect in my opinion to teach me how to respect myself and others. I love her approach to life and how she teaches me how find ways to deal with many difficult barriers that I am dealing with and also find ways of approaching new opportunities in my career, family and in personal life. I feel grateful for having her in my life as she is truly a forever life coach for myself and a lifelong friend. In my opinion, she is a wonderful healer and a fantastic life coach who loves to teach the world so many things and she will continue to do the same through the wonderful vision she has. Thank you so much Sam. You are truly a blessing.”

April D

A couple of years ago I had to leave my husband. Devastated. Lost. Sad. Angry. So many words and feelings. I had no idea how to deal with any of it. Add to that all the stuff I didn’t deal with my whole life. I found Sam. Through all my messy emotional breakdowns she helped me learn tools and new ways of seeing things. Caring and patient she calmly got me through. Showed me how to find my own worth. How to believe in myself. I owe so much to her for helping me in my lowest times. Thanks to her and all her skills, knowledge, tips and advice I’m no longer afraid of all the maybes and what ifs. I know I can deal with it and come out feeling good about my decisions.

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