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There is a contrasting energy in the air around being protective and also being called to shine.  You are invited to explore.  What are the wonderful things that you have been holding back?  They could be new skills or talents, relationships or physical creations.  You have done an amazing job keeping them safe until you finished sharping them in to what they will be.  Now it is time to shine!  Be ready to take centre stage and own it!

A.  Dancing Queen

Only you can do what you do.  It is time to start dancing to your own rhythm and trust that you already know all of the steps by heart.  Everything starts fresh, starting today.  You are in motion and your body and soul are validating the direction to go.  Be open to detours and retracing your steps to truly get the most from the adventure.  Things are not meant to stay stuck, you are meant to flow.  You will do the dance your way and that is how it was meant to be.  You have never been one to step on the toes of others and you are not doing so now.  Keep dancing…your way.

Your Sacral Chakra is calling attention to your ability to move through life with creative motion.  You are an artist, inside and out.  It is no wonder that you create masterpieces!  The number 4 calls for stability, both feet connected to mother earth.  The number 7 is reminding you that you are connected to the universe.  The downloads that you receive are not an accident.  Just keep learning the steps that your soul is teaching you.  xoxo

B.  Soul Food

Life is taking you back to school.  It may not be in four walls, but it is the wisdom that your soul is craving!  The messages are coming in strong.  Repeated words and numbers, “bumping” in to old wounds, old flames burning bright out of the darkness.  Pay attention to the lesson over the emotion.  You are preparing to step into the role of mentor, and your wisdom and experience will help the journey of others.  Also, learn for fun!  Old interests are peeking around the corner asking you to come and play.  Some learning helps time stand still.

You are being called to give your Third Eye attention this month.  Notice what you trust without question.  Pay attention to the gaps in your wisdom and how would that knowledge help you shift from fear to love.  The number 4 is all about stability and holding space while you are in this cocoon phase.  The wings are getting ready to emerge, but there is beauty too in the darkness.  Embrace it all and add the stories to your book!  xoxo

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Sam Black
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