I hope that you are having a beautiful Monday!  It is a busy week of creation here on the Spiritstead!  It is that time of year that I map out all of my offerings and events for the following year!  What are you hoping that I will offer in 2022?  Be sure to join my mailing list so that you will be the first “in the know” and especially this week, as I am going to be offering my Black Friday specials…watch for the email on Thursday!  I hope that you enjoy your readings!  I am sending you all lots of love!   And join me next Monday when I will be setting up my baby boy in his new apartment and getting to snuggle and hug my older 3 and grandbabies!!!!  I am a little excited!  ❤️
A.  Open Sail:  You may have been feeling restricted or that things were just not lining up…but now it is time to open your sails and be ready for the winds to move you forward!  Opportunities and happy happenings are ahead for you as you welcome this breath of fresh air!  The universe is supporting your plan and helping everything fall into place.  Even if you cannot yet see land ahead, trust that it is waiting to welcome you!
The number 5 reminds us to be flexible with our course and to go with the flow, while 8 is full of infinite possibilities!  It is a great week to work with the element of water, remembering that emotions help us to clear what has been stuck and that life is a constant flow and we get to choose what is moved in us!  The Crown Chakra shows up for you this week, supporting your vision, your connection with Spirit and the universe!  Anything is possible!  xoxo
B.  Stuck in the Mud:  You may be feeling like you want to get going but something is standing in your way!  It may be that other steps need to happen first in order to open everything up that you are manifesting!  It may be that you are needing a rest before you hit go again, or that other matters hold a higher priority…however, being stuck today is not a “no” from the universe!  And as we take care of the 3D tasks of the human experience, the energy of the universe is active behind the scenes preparing everything for the green light that is ahead!  Allow yourself to honour this time, this pause.  Catch your breath, be in the moment and feel!
The number 3 is a creative energy that asks you to see things in a new way.  6 reminds us of the gestation period…the wait before the celebration.  The wait that allows things to grow beneath the surface.  Together they create the number 9, a number that invites us to tie up loose ends and close the chapter so that the new one can begin!  It is a great week to work with the element of earth, practising grounding and if possible, feel your bare feet on the earth!  The Root Chakra supports you and reminds you that you are safe.  Hang tight!  xoxo
Sam Black
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