I hope that you are all settling in after the energy of last week’s new moon! This Scorpio energy is full of emotion and looks for deep healing and transformation! As we enter into eclipse season, you may be finding more to the story being revealed from whatever was happening in your world last June and July! Eclipses offer us the opportunity see things in a new way and many had some endings last week that ended a cycle that started in May of 2000, and will last the next 20 years. Ride the wave and trust that you are exactly where you need to be, hearing and seeing what is needed to help you move into the next chapter of your life! I hope that you enjoy your readings and there is still time to register for Palmistry 101‚Äč if you would like to join in the fun!

A. Moon’s Healing: You are being called to sit in the space of healing and trust that everything that comes in with the tide is for your highest and best! It may not be time to take action, but rather time to notice. Notice your breath…how things makes you feel…what is coming in to your awareness. It is in this stillness and by allowing and trusting that things become clear. Everything is falling into place and today you can just sit knowing that the universe supports you and your heart’s desires. Allow fear and doubt to be carried away and allow the light from the moon to glisten onto your soul. The moon shines for you!
The number 5 reminds us that we have the ability to adapt, grow and thrive. Allow the gravity of the moon to push and support you, with its natural rhythm bringing you peace and comfort. The number 7 brings forward a spiritual connection to the divine, reminding us that we are an integral part of the universe. It is a great week to work with the sacral chakra and the element of water. Take time to sit by the lake, enjoy a warm bath with Epsom salts or create a painting allowing your feelings to guide the brush! You are loved, supported and healing! xoxo

B. The Olive Branch: It is time to reach out and clear the air. Words were said and time has passed. Things only grow more distant while we wait for egos to quiet and wounds to heal. Coming together may not erase the past, however it may provide an opportunity to build a future with new understanding. We can offer our perspective and share our experiences without blame. Each version of the truth is a facet of our history and it is time to step out of the past into the future. Seeking clarity, apology and or understanding may bring with it joy and release…and it may also bring closure. We never know until we try!
The number 5 comes to us again to remind us to go with the flow and find flexibility in our thinking and actions. The number 4 offers us stability and balance. It is a great week to work with the energy of the root and heart chakras. Safety and comfort is found within and we are safe to love and be loved. And you deserve to be loved! xoxo

Sam Black
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