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A.  Broken Branches:

Whether by force or just time to let go, some of the branches on our tree of life fade away.  You may find yourself spending a lot of time or energy trying to keep things together.  The messages are coming in clear that it is no longer within your control, but you are trying so hard.  It is time to take a step back and look at exactly what it is that you are trying to save.  While your head has been down, you have been missing new opportunities and relationships that are trying to grow.  It can be difficult to say goodbye, especially when we do not understand the “why”.  Whether it is a relationship, a home, a job…there is something wonderful coming out of this transition.  One broken branch is sad.  However, when you look up, you will see many more branches filled with a fresh new outlook!

You are being called to work with the root and heart chakras this week.  The root is reminding you that you are safe and exactly where you are meant to be.  Changes may be difficult for you and you feel safest when you are in control.  However, there is no need to fear!  You are fully supported!  Your heart chakra is asking for grace.  You may be feeling like you are extra sensitive at this time.  Allow yourself to let go of what you have been trying to hold on to.  Use that energy instead, to feel the love coming to you and from you.  Remember, at the core, you are love and you are loved.

The numbers 2 and 5 show up for you!  Flexibility will be the secret ingredient this week, especially when it comes to navigating relationships and partnerships.  As you are letting go of the old, so are those around you!  xoxo

B.  The Tea Cup:

It is time to come out of hibernation!  The days are flying by and those who you have been missing are missing you too!  Although you may not be feeling up to a lot of “peopling”, intimate visits are exactly what your soul is craving!  Healing will come through hugs and conversation for you at this time.  Fill your time with those who inspire and nurture you.  You likely have been feeling pulled in many directions as of late.  Everyone needs or wants what you have to offer.  However, it is what you need and want that is important this week.  Agendas and “shop talk” may not ignite your soul as they do at other times.  True passion, creativity and inspiration will come through the chit chat with someone special.

This week is all about the heart and throat chakra for you!  It is a great time for you to just focus on relaxation and genuine connection.  There is healing to happen, however if you prioritize the deep stuff this week, you may just find yourself overwhelmed and drained.  Instead, trust that the universe will being forward the people that you can just unwind with.  It may not be as intense, but it just might be even more meaningful that you ever expected!

The number 3 and 4 are calling forward creativity and stability for you!  Allow those that you love to both anchor you and ignite the creative soul that you truly are!  xoxo

Sam Black
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