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A.  Dancing Queen:

Full confession…I can’t even pick up with this card without hearing ABBA singing in my head!  Anyone else experience that?  Okay, now for your reading.

Your body is craving movement. Wake your soul with the movement that inspires your body to dance and your heart to sing! You are not stuck any more. Give yourself permission to truly live and enjoy what life is bringing to you! Sometimes we forget that circumstances of the past are not the jails of our future. Allow your feet to take their own steps as they know the tune of the music even when it is silent. The songs of your past are the stories that have brought you to this place. Trust and follow the steps your soul takes you on and go with the flow of the music. You are the dancing queen because your grace has brought you far, your rhythm will keep you moving, and anticipation will keep you wanting more.  xoxo

This week is all about the Sacral Chakra for you!  Allow yourself to let go of expectation and allow instinct and creativity to flow through your body.  The number 4 is the structure and doing what you feel is secure and also expected.  However the number 7 reminds you that you are connected to the divine and sometimes we need to dance our way out of our head and just trust what comes for ward!  Keep dancing, Gorgeous Soul!

B.  The Eclipse:

Sometimes, we just don’t know what we don’t know….and then when we know, we are not able to forget that we know.  That theme is showing up for you this week.  Your intuition for knowing when something is “off” will be heightened.  And although you will always be encouraged to trust your gut here, you are also reminded that discernment may need to come into play as well.  Things you may learn about others will not actually relate to you, however it could shift your perspective of them and how you relate to them going forward.  You are encouraged to seek the highest intention of this knowledge.  Allow yourself to send love where others may cast judgement.  And remember, light shines on opportunities for healing in ourselves.  This particular circumstance may not directly impact you, however observing how things unfold could help you for future events.  (And I am not sure who needs to hear this, but the saying “we are all one step away from homelessness” came through)  Keep being that loving soul that you are!  Magic happens when we choose to be an ambassador of kindness!  xoxo

The number 3 is that creative flow and 9 ties up the loose ends that are needing attention.  This morning I am called to look at 39 from a life perspective.  There is a calm combined with urgency that shows up in one’s 40’s.  The calm coming from learning more about who you are and how you and others show up in your world.  There is also a loss of innocence that presents for many, seeing how things really are.  Step out into the light and shine!  It is a great time to close some chapters and write what you want for the chapters to come!  You are being called to work with the Crown Chakra!  Trust that you are being led to deeper wisdom and understanding.  You are a part of the “great unseen healing force”.  Trust and move forward!


Sam Black
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