I hope that this long weekend has surrounded you with family and friends, relaxation and sunshine!  Here are your readings for the week!

A.  Childbirth:

There is a sense of vulnerability mixed with a variety of emotions for you this week!  There is the anticipation of something new emerging into your life and into the world around you.  However, you may not be able to see exactly how things will turn out.  Birthing something new involves dedication, unconditional love and a commitment to honour its own essence.  For some of you, there is a literal baby, human or otherwise, coming into your life.  For some it may be a passion project or a building.  Regardless of the form that your new bundle presents as, you are being called to give yourself grace.  As much as you can plan and anticipate prior to the big day, there will be hiccups and obstacles to overcome.  You can handle whatever pops up, and the most beautiful part, is that if you can stay present for the journey, savouring each moment as an opportunity, the outcome will wash away the unpleasant pants.  Soon you will be left with joy and adventure!  Enjoy the ride!  xo

The number 4 reminds you of the solid foundation of which everything begins.  It is the anchors in your life that will not let you down.  With this preparation that you have created, anything is possible!  The number 8 represents the infinite nature and how each step ripples on to the next.  You are being called to work with your Sacral Chakra this week!  Honour yourself as a woman, or for you men, honour the feminine nature that you have inside.  We are all a blending of the masculine and the feminine.  Nurture yourself and others, and remember that where you see vulnerability is an opportunity to shine in your strengths!

B.  The Great Protector:

Where the “A” reading was calling for the nurturance of the divine feminine, the “B” reading is all about calling forth the protective masculine energy!  It is time to take stock of what is yours and prepare for the future.  Explore your resources from a position of strength rather than fear.  If fear pops up for you this week, a helpful question will be “what is missing”?  It may be a strategy, an item or a support.  You are being called to also listen to your physical body.  What is required for ultimate health, wellness and strength?  The race has not yet begun.  This is your training period.  The time has come to stand up to what has held you back in the past, and what fears you have for the future.  Protecting is not about fighting.  It is about standing in your truth, focusing on what you need for yourself and loved ones and creating your safe space.  Sometimes protecting means letting go of what hurts the whole.  Care, love and truth will be your guides for the week!  xoxo

The number 9 reminds us to tie up loose ends as an ending is coming to a close.  For some it can bring about sadness, especially if their focus is on the good-bye.  However, all endings lead to new beginnings, and what you will bring with you in to the next chapter will ensure that you have all that you need!  You are being called to work with the Root and Third Eye Chakras this week.  The Root brings you back to basics.  Explore what is actually needed, and then trust your intuition to guide you.  Allow your earth brain to take inventory, and then allow your higher self to put it all into prospective!

Sam Black
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