Solstice Blessings!

Depending on where you live in the world, this week will be marked with either the longest day or night.  Being in Northern Ontario, our days in the summer are already longer than I am used to, however being a flower in need of sunshine, I always welcome more.  This is the holiday that moves us toward the darkness and going within.  It may seem strange as summer is only just beginning for many, however each night after the 22nd will be just a touch longer until we are noticing more darkness again in a couple of months.Solstice celebrations are rich in history and tradition.  I enjoy celebrating with food and flowers for the Summer Solstice.  I savour time in the garden, and notice what is growing well and what could use some extra love.  Strawberries, salads and a bouquet of wildflowers…can’t go wrong there!  It is also a time of reflection for me.  I explore the direction that I want to take within.  I ask my soul what it is craving and where extra love is needed.  For the winter solstice, which is my favourite, I look at taking the expression of love outwards to my family, friends and community.  How do you like to celebrate, either seasonally or Spiritually?

I hope that you enjoy your readings and have a blessed week!

A.  Magician’s Wand:

The magic that is required is inside of you!  It is time to become very clear on where you need to focus.  The little distractions and dramas of the 3D world may be pulling your attention away from where it is needed.  You have the capacity and the talent to do what needs done.  There is a calling that has been speaking to you, and it is time to listen and take action.  This may be completely self fulfilling and that is more than enough.  Others may not understand, and it is not your job to pull them into your vision.  You will find that you will inspire by following your own beat.Much like a magician at a children’s party, there are some illusions in life, but it is important to remember that there are also cute fluffy bunnies and the awe and wonder of magic that appears to come from thin air.  Allow them to wonder and be amazed for you are truly amazing.  Some need to see the magic a little longer before the trick is exposed.  It helps them keep hope alive.  And Hope…it is everything. xoxo

You are being called to work with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras this week.  There is a delicate balance between speaking your truth and knowing your truth.  Also between being magical and showing all of your cards.  Trust your intuition and reveal yourself within your comfort zone.  Remember to journal!  Your insights are valuable and your future self will thank you!

The number 17 is a fortunate one!  You are a channel for spiritual insight and connection.  If you find yourself drawn to any of the intuitive arts, this is a good week to play and explore!  Where you put your attention this week will have ripple effects into your future and into your relationships with others, with yourself and with the universe!

B.  Skipping Stones:

If you chose B this week, you are being called to take a break.  Take some time for yourself to be both in the moment and engaged with your inner child.  You may find yourself extra sensitive to “peopling” this week and find extreme personalities extra draining or triggering.  It is a great time to take notice of what comes up for you and how it manifests.  It may come as an emotion, a feeling or even an annoyance.  If there is a reaction, there is an opportunity for healing!  There is medicine in being present this week.  Take notice of when your mind wanders and where it goes.  It is likely that there is some healing around grief in that area or a missing of how things once were.  You are also being called to look at the examples of masculine and feminine influences in your past and where you have been having to tap into the masculine more than you would like to.  The masculine “get it done” drive has left you needing some feminine nurturance.  It may be a good time for you to reflect on how these ideas shaped you and what you want for your future.  You are here in this moment for great things, however your to do list is not one of them.  The sun is shining on you!  xoxo

The number 41 shows up for you to help you rebalance your life, putting your needs first.  The number 4 holds structure and security.  Ensure that you have your basic needs covered.  Not just food, home and resources, although these things have never been more important in our lifetime, but also Spiritually and emotionally.  The number one has a variety of perspectives.  This week however, it partners with the 4 to ask you where your values are and how you are showing up as a leader.

This week is all about the Root Chakra for you!  Be in nature…be actually still in nature and remember that you are part of that natural setting!  Call forward the elements to support you, heal you and guide you.  Feel the breeze on your skin, paying attention to how your body responds.  Manifest with a campfire, setting intentions and burning away your worries.  Soak in the water, allowing yourself to be nurtured and healed.  And, feel the earth solid beneath you, remembering that you are supported…always!

Sam Black
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