For those who are new to Monday Intuition, Welcome!

Monday Intuition is all about you stepping into the energy of your higher self and trusting what comes forward.  The cards that I am using are from my Grounded Roots Intuitive Guidance deck, that I co-created with Spirit.  The paintings were done by Canadian artist, Victoria Heryet.  If you would like to order your own deck, visit

I hope that you enjoy your readings!  I am sending you all lots of love, hugs and healing!  xoxo

A.  Natures Medicine:

You may be finding that the solution is much easier that you were expecting.  Sometimes when things come easy and readily available, we almost question, expecting hardship.  We fight to get the square peg into the round hole, only to be left feeling depleted and unsuccessful.  You are being called to dig a little deeper this week.  Understanding why you feel that you deserve difficulty will help you remember why you actually deserve peace and ease.  The remedy for what hurts your mind, heart or body is close at hand.  It is in the woods, the garden and in nature.  It is time to look in your own yard to see what gifts have been left there for you.  You are not here to struggle.  You are a blessing.  The healing that you offer to others is also extended to you.  Opportunities for healing are around every corner!  xoxo

This week is all about the Sacral Chakra for you!  Wrap yourself with self love and call forward the healing wisdom of generations past.  It is a great week to plant an herb garden, make some homemade teas and surround yourself with what makes you feel good!  The number 5 is reminding you to be flexible.  What worked before may need a little shift to bring it to what you are needing today.  The number 6 invites you to cocoon yourself, and explore what it is that you are creating.

B.  Plant Your Feet:

You may be feeling stirred and distracted by the oh so many things!  This week you are being invited to sit in the still and allow yourself to really settle in!  There is magic in allowing and standing in both your feminine  and masculine energy.  Balancing the flow of creation with stability will help you to see your path much more clearly.  It may be helpful to choose only one project to put your focus.  Allow yourself to feel into what you are doing, gaining clarity of your purpose.  Being present, mindful and connected with the earth will give you the grounding that your heart craves.  Allow your breath to keep rhythm with the trees.  Allow your feet to root deep into the earth.  It is time to catch your breath and master the art of being.  xoxo

You too are being called to create with the number 6, however are being reminded to take your time with it!  The number 3 is highlighting peace and harmony, and your need for both!  You are being called to work with your Root and Sacral Chakras this week.  Remember, the Root always comes first.  It is the base of your pyramid.  Addressing the sense of safety and security, and calling out fear and where it is showing up for you, will give you the solid ground that you have been craving.  Then you can move into the creative and play!

C.  Distant Whistles:

You are being called.  There is a stirring in you that can no longer be ignored.  Although you may not know where it is leading or the purpose behind it, that whisper is growing louder inside of you.  It is time to listen and trust your own heart.  Move to the highest frequency, away from fear, doubt and regret.  What was in the past is not where you are today, and it is not where you are headed.  The baggage of the ego held you back in the past, however you are free to move forward now.  Look up to the light, trusting that each step forward that you make is toward enlightenment, truth and happiness. You may find it helpful to journal the insight coming forward.  Because the messages may seem foreign to you now, they may later help you fill in the missing pieces! xoxo

It is all about you this week, as reminded by the number one!  You are being called to know yourself and trust what you know to be true.  The 5 comes forward for you in the form of curiosity!  You are being called to something greater than you have expected or known before.  It is totally okay to shift your perspective and position!  You are moving on up!

Sam Black
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