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I so love this time that we have together each week!  I hope that you enjoy your readings and keep trusting your gut!  We always get the reading that we need!  xoxo

A.  The Eyes that Crinkle:

Find joy and amusement in all that comes in your path.  Grief and mourning have their place while we honour what or who has left our path, however joy is equally important to honour that we are still living!  Embrace the lines that your inner child draws on your beautiful face and allow your laugh to travel through the air.  Even in the worst of times, your smile and laughter will have an impact on others.  Allow your eyes to crinkle and the sparkle to shine.  Not many things are so serious that they will prevent your happiness in years to come and nothing is ever truly lost to us except this moment in time should we not embrace it.

The number 44 comes forward as an “angel” number for you!  You have had many life times and experiences, and this wisdom is being noticed by others.  Remember to take a light hearted approach!  You are being called to work with your Sacral and Crown Chakras this week.  Balancing the energies of the wise woman within and trust in the universe!  Although you may not feel that you have all of the answers, you certainly have a few solutions that just might do the trick!

B  The Secret Keeper:

Within you is great wisdom and also secrets that have been locked away yet to be discovered.  At times you are a mystery to others, but you worry when you are a mystery to yourself.  Trust that you will gain all of the insight needed to make your next move and stay on your path.  You hold every key needed for this lifetime and there is no door that will not open if the time is right.  Be cautious of those who wish to have you hold their secrets as well.  Your internal secrets are for your highest good, however holding the secrets of others often has negative consequences.  The secrets within are really surprises waiting to be revealed, but the secrets of others or ones that make your stomach ache and your soul restless are not yours to keep.

Your Throat Chakra may be calling for extra love this week!  If you notice a sore throat or loss of voice, ask yourself how you are not honouring your truth!  Remember to walk away from gossip, as it will end up feeling like your own secret to keep!  The number 8 reminds us that what goes around, comes back around again!  Hold yourself to your highest integrity and trust that you are in the right place!

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