This week we welcome the full moon on Friday and the energy of the partial eclipse. You may be finding things ending in your life as Scorpio calls forward the energy of death and rebirth. During this time we often find loved ones and pets, relationships and opportunities in our lives to be transitioning from one energy to another. Life to the afterlife. Pain to release. Expectation to Acceptance. It is a process, and one that can come with a host of human emotions and reaction. Allow your soul to radiate grace and unconditional love for yourself and others. This is just a moment in time, and one that will not last forever. This eclipse season takes us back to May and June of this year. Reflect on what was happening for you at that time, and notice the clarity that you are not receiving. Sometimes these messages come forward as a gift, and sometimes we are unable to receive that gift until sometime and further understanding comes forward. Allow yourself to use this Scorpio energy to dive in to the deep waters of emotion, and ask them how they have come forward to assist you on this journey. Some great rituals for this full moon is to enjoy a bath filled with rose petals, bubbles or anything else that helps you feel supported and beautiful, invite yourself to bring along your journal and write a recipe of what brings you peace and happiness. You may wish to write a forgiveness letter and release any pain that may be lingering from a relationship or event that brings you sadness. And I encourage you to end your celebration of healing with envisioning what it is you want instead of pain, sadness or any of the emotions that have held you back in the past. Bring forward all of the senses and allow them to cocreate with you in this great manifestation for your future. Endings do not mean that the party is over…they mean that you are ready to clean up what is left over and get the new party started! As we sit in this energy of remembrance and dull grey, remember that the season of festivities are just around the corner! Thank you for being a part of Monday Intuition…on a Tuesday! Lots of love and big hugs! xoxo

A. Dandelion’s Wish: It is time to co-create with the universe and your inner child. Allow your earth brain and adult expectations to have a rest, while your soul comes forward to play! Envision all of your hopes and dreams carried on the seeds of a dandelion, feeling the childlike wonder and excitement as you blow those wishes into the breeze to be carried by the universe. It is your time to manifest! Give yourself permission to be truly happy and remember that dreams do in fact come true.
The number 3 is all about creativity and 2 for partnering. This combination invite you to co-create…allow your masculine and feminine energy to work just as they are designed to do. See the vision, ignite the senses, create the environment for success and then allow yourself to actually receive all that you deserve! Working with the Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras will support this dream into reality! Your inner child and the curiosity that lives there, combine with the trust of your intuition and faith in the universe are your dream team this week!

B. Sun Rise: You are ready for a new beginning…to see the colours of hope dancing on the horizon as a new day brings forward new opportunities for love, hope and life. You are not who you were yesterday, nor your actions of the past. You are the manifestation of your own creation. Things may feel as though they are far in the distance, or even out of reach, however the dawn reminds us that we are one step closer with every breath. You are deserving of a new day, of that dream that lives within you. Open your eyes, set your sights and get ready to live the life that lets you shine!
The number 1 is all about new beginnings. 8 reminds us of limitless potential and infinite opportunities. Together, they offer us the number 9, an acceptance of endings that when released make room for what we would like to bring forward. It is a great week to work with the energy of the crown chakra, seeing ourselves in the light of a much larger story and purpose. Your destiny is waiting!”

Sam Black
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