As we embrace this first week of November, we are welcomed by a New Moon in Scorpio inviting us to dig a little deeper into our feelings and commitments. It could be a little emotional, but the healing can also be long lasting! Scorpio energy invites us to explore the endings and what we are ready to let go of, so if you find yourself in this space, be gentle and remember that when we let go of what no longer works, we invite in the energy that brings balance to that loss! When we look to nature as our teacher, the season bless us with a deeper understanding of letting go, of welcoming rest and healing and of the rewards and new beginnings to join us later! In my Connecting with the Elements course, we go even deeper into this understanding and easy ways to bring about balance and healing! The fun all starts November 8th, if you would like to join us! It is a great companion course for all of my other offerings!

I hope that you enjoy your readings this week! Sending you all lots of love! xoxo

A. Soul Sisters: You are being called to connect with those who fill your soul! Reconnect with old friends that you have not seen in a while. These friends are gifts as they do not need constant attention to know and understand what your heart is needing. They inspire and support you, and you them. It is not the time to sit alone, whether that be in pain, grief or happiness and celebration! Gather your people around you and share in the energy of unconditional love! It is also a time of serendipitous meetings and meeting again! Pay attention to who is coming into your awareness and your life! There is no such thing as an accident! Your sacral and heart chakras are ignited this week! Create, love and share!
The number 7 comes forward for inspired connection, to echo the purpose of each relationship that you have! Listen to your intuition and bring forward more of what fills your soul!

B. Healing Pool: You are ready to heal and to be reflective in your journey! You may find yourself without words to explain what it is you are feeling and you may need to be in the space of presence to absorb and digest a little deeper. Listen to that whisper of self care and make a ceremony to celebrate your journey and all that you offer the world. Rose petals in your bath, a good book uninterrupted in your favourite chair, a walk accompanied by the tree branches dancing in the wind beside you. Embrace whatever it is that your soul craves and remember that you are healing and something more is waiting for you! For those experiencing a loss and grief, be extra gentle at this time, remembering that the good memories can comfort you like a warm blanket!”
Your root, heart and crown chakras are working together to bring you healing and harmony! The number 33 is calling your attention as the universe takes notice of your path and what is needed on your journey! The law of attraction will bring you what you need while you welcome healing energies your way!

Sam Black
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