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This week in the Heavens, we are enjoying a New Moon in Sagittarius!  Who says that you have to way for January to begin a new cycle?  It is a great time to consider the opportunities coming forward and how you want to receive them and how you want to show up!  New moons are fabulous for setting intentions, and because Sag is fun and outgoing, it is a much easier energy than we have been feeling the past few months.  It is a great time to say “YES”!  Sagittarius is also a fire sign, so it is a great time to initiate and transform!  In addition to being a fabulous new moon, it is also falling on Wednesday, which is my wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary, Chris!

I hope that you enjoy your readings!  xoxo

A.  Loyal Companion:

This is an amazing week to take stock of who is in your dream team!  These are the people and the pets that you can always count on.  They support you, guide you and encourage you!  It is also a great time to reflect on how you are showing up in your relationships.  Gently explore where you are putting your energy an if it is reciprocated.  Use this new moon to set new intentions for your relationships!  Surprise your loved ones with a small “thank you” to show them how much they are appreciated!  This out of the blue gesture will go a long way!

The number 5 reminds us to be flexible and be able to pivot when needed.  Be sure to make room for fun this week!  Maybe the last minute change is to let go of some work and say yes to some time with those that you care about!  The number zero has no limits and no end!  It enhances the cycles that we find ourselves in, and emphasizes the cause and effect patterns in our life!  The Heart Chakra is coming forward to give you a big hug!  You are loved and worthy of being loved unconditionally!  Remember that always!

B.  The Bird Feeder:

It is time to sprinkle some seeds where you want to draw attention and grow something new!  Allow yourself to sprinkle these seeds and then stand back to observe who shows up for you!  It is a great week for Spirit connection and welcoming in the right connections at exactly the right time!  Although you may feel called to rush to the finish line, this week is more about small steps forward and reflection.  Be patient and listen more than you speak.  It is all about receiving for you, my friend!

The number 7 is a true connection between you and the divine, and you with Spirit!  It is partners with the number 8, which shows us infinite potential, opportunities and that we are infinite souls ourselves!  The Crown Chakra is wide open for you, reminding you of your importance in the universe!  The universe does not exist without your presence!

C.  The Lighthouse:

You are a true beacon of light!  Others follow in your footsteps and are attracted to what you have to offer.  Although maintaining your light may feel routine and lack the excitement that you might be craving, you have a much bigger impact than you realize!  It is a great week to reflect on who you are and how you want to be seen in the world.  Allow your true self to be seen and celebrated!

The number one is all about YOU!  It is a great time to reflect on your personal freedom, finances and values. Security and walking your talk are especially important this week.  Although your energy is about you, others are paying attention!  You are being called to work with the Solar Plexus Chakra this week!  This is your fire centre!  This is your passions, your talents and how you share with the world.  Remember that there is no competition.  We can all shine together, because your unique light helps others to radiate even brighter.  As does theirs for you!

Sam Black
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