Your Readings are Reading!

Some have said that this will be the most energetically significant week of 2022!  There is certainly a lot happening in the sky and here on earth!  With the lunar eclipse and full moon on Tuesday, as well as the US election and their Pluto return on Tuesday, Mars in Retrograde, the inquiry in Ottawa, inflation, lines drawn in the sand over labour laws and collective agreements, we can see and feel how there is no turning back.  Over the past two and half years, we have all felt change, loss and reflection on our own lives.  Regardless of where we fall politically, we have all had to consider how we feel how our lives have been impacted and what we want for our futures.

This week, I again say, be gentle!  Be gentle with yourself and with others.  For some, this week will hit you emotionally and I encourage you to look up and ask, “How is this happening for me?  What is the bigger picture?”  Love and compassion are the energies being called forward, and they offer solutions that being “right” never will.

As much as I love astrology, I am not an expert in astrology!  I have been studying astrology for over 5 years and still feel like I have so much to learn!  I can however, give you some suggestions of astrologers that I love and have studied from.  If you find that you can feel a whole lot this week and would like to hear how things are playing out in the Heavens, I encourage you to check them out!  Pam Gregory, Rick Levine, Anne Ortelee and Cassandra Joan Butler are all wonderful options with slightly different perspectives!

Now on to your readings for the week!  I hope that you feel blessings behind every corner and laughter in the air!  xoxo

A.  Roots on Your Path:

As the fog lifts, you are beginning to feel clear about where you are headed!  There is greatness waiting for you, and although the path looks great from above, remember to honour your roots!  While the branches have been trimmed, the roots still pop up.  These interruptions in your path are wanting to slow you down so that you do not take on more than you can handle!  They are not meant to stop you, just to keep a realistic understanding.  You may find that if your head is too much in the clouds this week, that you get tripped up.  Watch for silly mistakes, missed opportunities and those ankles!  Ankle and foot injury ask us how we are not feeling safe!  Your beautiful outcome is waiting and you are worth taking your time to get there!  Enjoy the ride!

You are being called to work with the Root Chakra this week!  Allow yourself time to breathe and time to be still.  Listen to the sounds around you, feel the earth support you and remember that you are exactly where you are meant to be!  The number three is all about creation and you may find your creativity or focus shifting a little bit this week!  Nothing is lost, all is enhanced!  The number zero reminds us that everything has a cycle or a season.  Nothing is ending that is not beginning!  You are allowed to be perfect and in progress!

B.  Flowers in Your Hair:

You are beauty personified!  Welcome the natural beauty to shine through!  Your inner child comes forward to find wonder in the now and flowers in your hair!  You may find some sensitivity to others finding life too serious.  Allow yourself to sit on the perch above and stay in curiosity.  This is where you will find the most comfort and understanding.  It is your week to play, explore and find beauty in all that you do.  Revisit what has brought you joy in the past and allow those activities and relationships to take centre stage.  Laughter and play are your resources for the week!  The butterflies may be sleeping, but you still remember their dance!

The number 4 presents stability and 2 calls for partnership!  Allow yourself to let someone else carry the load, or at least help with it!  In order to honour yourself, you may have to table some projects for a later date.  Watch for spontaneous adventures!  They may present as fun and still bring insight and ideas for future work!  You are being called to work with the Sacral and Heart Chakras this week!  You inner child and unlimited love and potential combine to bring forward healing and release this week!  You have already done the hard work, now you just have to let it go.  And you are ready!

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Sam Black
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