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Mercury Retrograde is in full swing!  Of course that comes with some technology glitches and the need to be flexible with your planning.  However, a big theme that I am finding with this season is the need to reconsider what you want out of the changes coming!  Change has been in the air for some time, and that is a global phenomenon.  And you, get to choose how you want to roll with it!  This is a great time to think back over the major changes that you have already been through in your lifetime.  The moves, the family dynamics and even the hair-dos!  This is your time to co-create your life with the universe!  Fall Equinox blessings!

I hope that you enjoy your readings!  Have an amazing week!  xoxo

A.  The Bird Feeder:

It is a week of visitations and memories for you!  Your Spirit people are stopping by to say hello.  They remind you that they are always near, watching over you and sending you love.  Watch for the signs around you!  Signs could include animals, birds, sounds, smells or even a song on the radio.  If you find yourself thinking that something is a strange coincidence, this is likely a message.  You may also be finding people from your past coming into your present.  This is your opportunity to gain a fresh perspective.  You may have been blind to what was happening with your relationships and the people in them.  This new perspective is meant for healing.  Use this time to melt away unwarranted feelings of guilt and sadness, and instead fill with love, forgiveness and resilience.  Remember, just because they come knocking, does not mean that you have to open up your home.  Receive the message and let go of what does not serve you.  This is a reflective time, more than one of action!  xoxo

The numbers 7 and 8 come forward to remind you that you are connected to the universe and to the divine.  What happens in any time or space has a ripple effect.  Things come back to allow you to gain a fresh perspective and a do over when it feels right to you.  We are constantly creating our reality.  What you do today is the life that you are building for tomorrow.  Be sure to fill it with love and hope!

You are being called to work with the Crown Chakra.  The universe is pulling everything together for you.  You are already connected to Spirit and to your Soul.  Trust that you are on the right path and watch for the validations that show up for you!

B.  Dandelion’s Wish:

Hey there, Dreamer!  You are in manifestation mode!  Although you may not be seeing the end result, the pieces are coming together!  Invite your inner child to the table to help you envision the life that you want.  Allow yourself to dream of what could be possible without the jaded views sometimes grown ups can hold.  For you, the day is new and your life has so much to offer.  Allow the “earth brain” to take a rest.  It is time to imagine and put your dreams and wishes out to the universe.  Be cautious to trying to force things to get done.  You may be feeling an odd relationship with the sense of time this week.  Allow yourself time to wander, to get lost and to discover.  Rushing will only lead to frustration.  It is a great week to replace the alarm clock and schedule with binoculars and a sketch book.  The universe is ready to show you what you forgot had existed!  xoxo

The number 3is that creative and inquisitive inner child wanting to play!  The number 2 reminds you that life is more fun when you share it with a friend!  Think back to when you were young.  Who did you most like to play with?  It may have been a sibling, a friend, or even an “imaginary” friend.  You have a magical week ahead, if you allow yourself to play!

The Sacral Chakra shows up for you today!  Allow fluidity and creativity to rule your energy!  Things will ebb and flow, but they will come together if you allow them to!  Bubble baths, creation and touch will be your medicine this week!

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Sam Black
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